9 Carat Cats Eye Stone

A 9 carat cats eye stone weighs around 1.8 gms (the Vaiduryam stone 9 ratti price is decided on 1.62 gms) and was an integral part of the royal collection. It brings balance and harmony to various aspects of life which in turn promotes emotional stability and well-being. The 9.5 carat cats eye stone is considered auspicious in Vedic astrology and is believed to bring peace and harmony. Keep a 9.55 carat cats eye stone in your sacred spot like a worship place, study/work table, or as a show in one of the corners of your house. They look beautiful and will attract positive energy for you. The 9.25 carat cats eye stone price ranges from INR 10000-90000 and one can decide its exact cost by considering its color, clarity, cut, along weight.


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