9 Carat Amethyst Stone

A 9 carat amethyst stone weighs around 1.8 gms (1.62 gms for ratti) and frees one from anxiousness, stress, tension, worry, or any ill effects of the Planet Saturn. Especially a 9.5 carat amethyst stone is advised to many individuals to wear on the middle finger with silver metal on Saturday evening to mitigate the ill effects of sade satti and dhaiya. The Price of 9 carat amethyst stone ranges between INR 5000-50000, depending on factors like cut, color, clarity, and origin, besides the weight. And it is safe to choose online when doubt about where to buy 9 carat amethyst stone arises. This is so because online shopping provides certification of authenticity while bringing good quality natural gemstones from all corners of the world right to your doorstep.


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