8 Carat Emerald Stone

An 8 carat emerald will weigh around 1.6 grams, if you calculate it like 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. This equals to 8.77 It is an incredibly beautiful stone, sporting a dark vibrant green color. The 8 ratti panna price stone may differ based on a variety of factors such as the grade of the stone, its cut, color, and also the quality or clarity. The dimension of an emerald's size is determined in carats.

8 carat = 8.77 ratti. An 8 ratti panna is a powerful stone from beryl mineral family. They make a perfect birthstone. You can pick emerald stone as a gift for May born. This can be a perfect addition for those looking for effective communication or a remedy for speech related disorder.

Astrologically, higher the carat weight, higher is the power of the stone. Thus, panna 8 carat is a powerful gem that offers instant benefits. As per Vedic astrology, the correct ratti to be worn is calculated as 1/12th of the weight of the wearer. For instance, for those who want to achieve overall development, the carat weight is suggested as per the above calculation. If the weight of the wearer is 96 Kg, 8 carat emerald stone is best for them.

From enhancing intuition to promoting harmony, here's why you the cost of cost of 8 Carat panna at Navratan is totally worth investing.

  • It helps with stability and money.
  • It makes it simpler to make the right decisions.
  • It makes you feel happier and more healthy.
  • It helps you achieve more in life.
  • It makes you feel more confident that you are confident in your self-esteem.
  • It helps you focus better.
  • It brings more money and better things.
  • It makes you feel more spiritually connected.

The 8 carat emerald stone of top high end quality (clear green, clean eye, superb cut) can easily be worth more. This table serves as a basis, with costs varying based on particular features and market conditions;

Quality factor Description
  • Most valuable: Intense, clear green with even saturation
  • Less valuable - Lighter green, yellowish or brownish color
  • Most valuable: Very few inclusions, eye clean or nearly so
  • Less valuable: Visible inclusions, fractures, clouds
  • Most valuable: Well-proportioned, symmetrical cut
  • Less valuable : Poorly cut with light leaks or uneven faceting
  • Most valuable: Certified by a reputable gemological lab
  • Less valuable: Uncertified stones carry a higher risk of misrepresentation
  • Most valuable: Colombian emeralds
  • Other notable origins include Zambia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan
  • Most valuable: Untreated (untreated often commands a premium)
  • Less valuable: Heavily treated with resins or fillers

Price Ranges:

The 8 ratti panna price can be higher or lower depending on the specific quality and other factors mentioned above. Here’s a fair guide to help you understand the cost of 8 Carat panna.

Quality factor Moderate Price (as per the market trend)
Fair INR 8,000 - 25,000
Medium INR 25,000 - 75,000
High INR 75,000 - 1 lakh
Premium Above INR 5 lakh+
Total Results - 84

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