7 Carat Pearl Stone

A 7 Carat Pearl stone weighs around 1.4 gms (1.26 gms of 7 ratti moti) and is worn to pacify planet Moon, bringing one out of mood swings, intense emotions, anxiousness, physical problems like constipation, and stress. It is always worn with silver metal in the little finger of the working hand. A 7.25 ratti moti is considered a very auspicious number in Vedic astrology, and many individuals are suggested to wear it to calm their minds. The 7 Ratti Moti Price ranges from INR 3000-15000 depending on the color, clarity, type, surface perfection, luster, shape, cut, and origin, besides the weight. Hence, the 7.25 ratti moti price will be more than the 7 ratti pearl price.

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