7 Carat Amethyst Stone

The original amethyst stone 7.5 carat weighs around 1.6 gms (1.44 gms of jamunia stone 7 ratti) and is mostly worn to come out of any form of bad addiction call it smoking, drinking, or anger. It is also considered the substitute for Blue Sapphire and is suggested when the neelam ratna doesn’t suit an individual. In Vedic astrology, 7.25 Carat amethyst stone is considered very auspicious and is generally recommended to mitigate the difficult phase of Sade satti or Dhaiya. The amethyst stone price 7 ratti ranges from INR 5000-50000, depending on factors like cut, color, clarity, and origin, besides the weight. The purple gem with red and blue tints is more expensive as compared to the ones with conflicting shades.


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