6 Carat White Sapphire

A 6 Carat White Sapphire weighs around 1.2 gms (1.08 gms for Safed Pukhraj Stone 6 Ratti) and is believed to purify the wearer’s aura, boost mental clarity, and remove obstacles from their path. An Original 6 Carat White Sapphire is a perfect size to wear as a pendant or ring as they have higher chances of touching your skin, thus maximizing the benefits astrologically. The 6.5 Carat White Sapphire signifies the Planet Venus, bringing warmth and strength, making it easier for one to connect to their higher self. The Price Of Original White Sapphire 6.25 Ratti Stone ranges between INR10000-500000 ($120.89-6,042.18), depending upon factors like cut, clarity, color, and origin, besides the weight.

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