6 Carat Red Coral

A Red coral 6 carat weighs around 1.2 grams (1.08 grams for Moonga 6 ratti) and brings success in management roles, careers in sports, startups, and health. It is also called OX blood in trade business, and is formed in the sea by coral polyps (Corallium Rubrum). The 6 ratti moonga price ranges from INR 7000-100000 and above depending on the color, cut, clarity, and origin, besides the weight. Even the natural availability and artificial treatment can impact the 6 carat red coral price. So a spotless, lustrous red color with less flaws, pits, and stones will have a higher moonga 6 ratti price. You must always consider all the details when you buy Red coral 6 carat as it helps you lay your hands on the original ones.

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