6 Carat Pearl Stone

A 6 Carat Pearl stone weighs around 1.2 gms (1.08 gms for Moti Stone 6 Ratti) and is composed of calcium carbonate while it is formed inside the body of a mollusc. As per Vedic astrology, a 6 Carat Moti Stone is ruled by Planet Moon, bringing clarity in thoughts, calmness in mind, and relief from water-borne diseases, thus making an individual calm, stress-free, and without anger. The 6 ratti moti price ranges from INR 3000-15000 depending on the color, clarity, type, surface perfection, luster, shape, cut, and origin. The Basra pearls found in the Basra city of the Persian Gulf are more expensive as compared to the Akoya pearls and others.

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