6 Carat Cats Eye Stone

A cats eye stone 6 carat weighs around 1.2 gms (1.08 gms for 6 ratti lehsuniya) and is worn in the form of jewelry to shield against negative energy, psychic attacks, and harmful influences. If your intuition or gut feeling is not strong, wearing cats eye 6.25 carat gem can help. They inspire confidence and help in making clear decisions. The cats eye 6 carat size is a perfect one to wear as a pendant with a chain around the neck. Ranging from INR 10000-75000 and above, the cats eye stone 6 carat price depends on weight as well as color, cut, and clarity. It also depends on the origin as 6 ratti lehsuniya is mostly found in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, and Madagascar. Still, the cats eye stone 6 carat price is more for Sri Lankan Chrysoberyl than others.

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