6 Carat Blue Sapphire

A 6 carat blue sapphire weighs 1.2 gms and boasts a deep blue color. The gemstone size is big enough to be noticed even from the far end. Craft it in a ring, pendant, or bracelet, it looks appealing in either of the ways. A 6 ratti neelam stone comes with beauty and benefits. It radiates powerful energy around the wearer making it a valuable stone in Vedic astrology.

The 6 carat blue sapphire comes from the corundum mineral family. The vedic astrology highlights the benefits of original gemstones with each stone connected to celestial power. Blue sapphire is specifically related to the planet Saturn. Wearing a 6 carat neelam helps in offering beneficial results for health and relationship. Some astrologers suggest gemstones in rattis. So it is important to know that 6 carat= 6.58 ratti. You can choose gemstones either in carat or rattis. There is no such visual difference in gemstones being weighed in carat or ratti.

While the benefits of a 6 carat blue sapphire are subjective and vary depending on receptivity. Here's a breakdown of potential benefits from different perspectives:

Traditionally Believed Benefits:

Amplified astrological influence: In Vedic astrology, a 6 carat sapphire stands for powerful energy and resonates with Saturn and Rahu, thus possibly enhancing their connected attributes. This could translate to:

  • Enhanced discipline and focus: The influence of Saturn relates to dedication, perseverance, and overcoming difficulties.
  • Improved career and financial success:6 carat neelam is considered to help people in achieving their career goals.
  • Elevated spiritual growth: 6 carat/ratti blue sapphire is connected to self-awareness and freedom from limitations and can contribute to personal growth.
  • Protection from negativity: Others feel that it repels evil forces and evil karma.

The quality and price of 6 carat blue sapphire also known as neelam depend on different aspects that affect their worth significantly, such as:

  • Color: Pure and vivid blues such as "cornflower blue sapphire" or "Kashmir blue sapphire" are the most expensive.
  • Clarity: Smaller inclusions (flaws) result in better clarity, resulting in price improvement.
  • Cut: Cuts improve reflection, making the blue sapphire price per carat all the more worthy. Some of the most popular cuts are oval, cushion, and round shapes.
  • Origin:Kashmir, Burma, and Sri Lanka are known for the high quality of crafts in stone. Nevertheless, the origin of pearls does not determine their value as color and luster are the criteria.
  • Treatments:Disclosed treatments are more likely to be appraised at higher values while concealed treatments can severely hurt the appraisals.

The prices for budget and mid-range products are INR 8k to 15k and INR 15k to 30K respectively; and may vary drastically depending on the quality of individual products.

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