5 Carat Red Coral

A 5 carat red coral stone weighs around 1 gram (0.9 grams to calculate the munga 5 ratti price) and is beneficial when Mars is weak in the horoscope. It is formed from calcium carbonate mainly in the Red Sea, the Coast of Australia, the Sea of Italy, the Canary Islands, the Taiwan Coast, Midway, and Malaysian Island. The 5 ratti moonga price ranges from INR 5000-60000 and above depending on the color, clarity, cut, and origin, apart from the weight. The ox blood red with a tint of orange will have a higher red coral 5 carat price as it also enhances its clarity. If you shop 5.5 carat red coral online at Navratan, you will find every minute detail about the 5 carat moonga so that you make an informed choice.

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