5 Carat Pearl Stone

A 5 Carat Pearl stone weighs around 1 gms (0.9 gms for 5 ratti moti) and is an organic gemstone formed inside the shells of molluscs. As per Vedic astrology, an Original 5 Carat Pearl stone has the energies of the Planet Moon (chandra grah) and helps in attracting name, fortune, and fame in the wearer’s life. The 1 gram pearl price in India ranges from INR 3000-15000 depending on the color, clarity, type, surface perfection, luster, shape, cut, and origin. The 5 ratti moti price also depends on the type of Mollusc that produces them as that brings the color change. Hence, the 5 ratti pearl price of white stone with a slightly rosy overtone, cream color, deep golden, and black, would be higher than the rest.

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