5 Carat Cats Eye Stone

A 5 carat cat eye stone weighs around 1 gms (0.9 gms for 5 ratti cats eye) and helps one tap into their inner strength while promoting emotional stability and personal well-being. Individuals stuck in their financial careers or not able to clear tough exams are generally recommended to wear 5.25 ratti lehsuniya stone by astrologers. The cats eye stone benefits in bringing clarity and strength to a person’s life. Ranging from INR 7000-70000, the estimate of 5 ratti lehsuniya price depends on color, clarity, cut, and even origin, apart from the carat weight. Our collection of certified 5 carat cat eye stone is natural and ranges from 2A-4A quality for our customers to shop as per their budget while reaping maximum benefits from their choice.

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