5 Carat Blue Sapphire

A 5 carat blue sapphire weighs one gm (1000 mg) and its size makes it a perfect choice for jewelry and astrological purposes. A 5 Ratti Neelam boasts an amazing blue color. If you want an instant name, fame, and prosperity, a 5-carat Neelam stone is your must-have gem. Pick it for a centerpiece of your engagement ring or as a showpiece in your living. They bring decor and destiny together. Wearing an original neelam stone can positively change your career, health, and wealth.

Blue sapphire comes from the corundum mineral family and is a precious gem of great value. With increase in carat weight, the value and rarity of the stone increase. Since gemstones with increased carat weight are recommended in astrology, 5 ratti neelam is suitable for individuals who want professional and relationship benefits. A 5 carat blue sapphire is equal to 5.49 rattis. Since Ratti is a traditional unit of gemstone measurement in India, most astrologers recommend gemstone weight in rattis.

Here are just some of the ways when you wear a 5 carat blue sapphire and it makes a difference in your life

  • Peace: This blue sapphire aka neelam ratan helps to relax and feel peaceful. It adds some sophistication to the style.
  • Confidence:It allows you to feel secure whenever you talk and gives you the strength to tackle difficult situations.
  • Knowledge:You might find answers to the questions of life much more quickly. The success of a business brings great opportunities and good luck.
  • Wellness: 5 carat blue sapphire helps to feel happier and healthier in general.

The quality and price of 5 carat blue sapphire depend on factors such as color, clarity, cut, carat weight, origin, and sometimes treatment. It's essential to consider these factors carefully when assessing the value of a particular sapphire. Follow the table;

Price range:The actual price of 5 carat neelam stone could be considerably higher or average like starts from INR 10k to INR 10 lakh depending on the specific qualities of the stone.

Price Ranges:

Factor Description Impact on Price
Color Vibrant, pure blue (e.g., cornflower, Kashmir) Highest
Clarity Fewer inclusions, even distribution Highest
Cut Well-proportioned, maximizes brilliance Moderate
Origin Kashmir, Burma, Sri Lanka preferred Moderate (Depends on origin)
Treatment Disclosed heat treatment is acceptable Average
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