4 Carat White Sapphire

A 4 Carat White Sapphire weighs around 0.8 gms (0.72 gms if it’s Safed Pukhraj Stone 4 Ratti) and is a transparent colorless sapphire belonging to the Corundum mineral family like Ruby. In Vedic astrology, the Original 4 Carat White Sapphire is believed to strengthen the crown chakra of human and improve the Shukra mahadasha, bringing love, affection, and transformation in personal relationships. The Natural White Sapphire Stone 4 Carat Price In India ranges between INR10000-100000 ($120.89-1,208.88), depending upon factors like cut, clarity, color, and origin, besides the weight. If you are looking for Where To Buy White Sapphire 4 Carat, buying it online is the best option as you get to compare the costs while having all the different varieties of 4 ct White Sapphire at one place.

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