3 Carat White Sapphire

A 3 Carat White Sapphire weighs around 0.6 grams(0.54 grams for Safed Pukhraj Stone 3 Ratti) and benefits individuals who have a weak Venus placement, bringing financial growth, good marital life, imperial luxury, and prominent social status. An Original 3 Carat White Sapphire is a September birthstone and well-suited for Libra(tula), and Taurus (vrishab) signs. The best results of Original White Sapphire Stone 3 Carat come from wearing it in silver metal and on the ring finger of the right hand. Try wearing it during Friday evenings, as Vedic astrology believes it to be Venus day (shukr-vaar). The Price Of Original White Sapphire 3 Ratti Stone ranges between INR10000-100000 ($120.89-1,208.88), depending upon factors like cut, clarity, color, and origin, besides the weight.

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