3 Carat Red Coral

A 3 carat red coral stone weighs around 0.6 grams (same as 0.54 gms in rakta prabal stone 3 ratti) and is formed by the deep sea creatures called coral polyps. Wearing the 600 milligrams 3 ratti lal moonga during Mars transit is considered auspicious and brings passion, courage, and confidence to the wearer. The pagadam stone 3 carat price ranges from INR 5000-40000 and above depending on color, cut, clarity, and origin, besides its weight. A 3 ratti red coral price will be higher for red orangish lustrous color than for the dull, faded, or pale ones. But these factors only determine the actual cost while the benefits stay the same for every moonga stone 3 carat. At Navratan, we got it all. From the lowest to the highest 3 ratti red coral price we believe in bringing everything that our customers ask for.


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