3 Carat Pearl Stone

A 3 Carat Moti Stone weighs around 0.6 grams (0.54 gms for Moti Stone 3 Ratti) and is a semi-precious gemstone recommended to people controlling their anger. As per Vedic Astrology, an Original 3 Carat Pearl stone is ruled by the Planet Moon, a signifier of peace, and thus provides deep concentration, high confidence, and better self-expression to the wearer. A 3 carat moti price ranges from INR 3000-10000 depending on the color, clarity, type, surface perfection, luster, shape, cut, and origin. For a round 3.35 Carat Pearl stone Price will be higher than the distorted or baroque-shaped one. Similarly, Freshwater pearl types are cheaper and more affordable compared to the other types.

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