3 Carat Emerald Stone

A 3 carat emerald weighs 0.6 gms and adds beauty and benefits to one’s life. It is an effective gem from the beryl mineral family. Individuals who want to enhance their communication skills can wear this gemstone. A 3 carat panna is recommended to people in jobs requiring daily communication. If you are facing health issues, panna 3 carat is a perfect stone for you. It helps to aid ailments related to the heart, kidney, and digestive tract.

This stone weight is enough to provide you with astrological benefits and vibrant jewelry. A focused green gem in the center makes a perfect solitaire engagement ring. Buy 3 carat (3.27 ratti) panna stone from Navratan for that exclusive ring. Moreover, it is a compatible precious gemstone that works well to enhance the life experiences of the wearer.

Natural gemstones soothe eyes and help treat skin-related infections. While this is perfect for astrological and non-astrological purposes, a 3.5-carat emerald stone is ideally suggested by astrologers for maximum benefits in bringing you good fortune. It greatly influences the intellect, knowledge, health, and wealth of the wearer.

The cost of 3 carat emerald stone in India starts from INR 10,000 to INR 60,000 and can extend even more. The variation in price range depends upon the quality of the stone. The quality of the original panna stone is determined by the 4C’s:

  • Color: 3 carat panna price increases with the vibrant lush green color of the stone. The stone also displays secondary hues such as bluish-green or yellowish-green. These secondary overtones if overshadow the primary green color of the stone decrease its value.
  • Clarity: This determines the internal appearance of the stone. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring with high clarity, we bring you the perfect choice. However, panna 3 carat price is high for inclusion-free gems.
  • Carat Weight: It is the measurement by which gemstones are weighed. A 3.5 carat emerald stone in Vedic astrology holds immense significance. It provides financial stability, wealth, and prosperity to the wearer. The price of 3.5 ratti panna is high if it features a defined green color, cut, and transparency.
  • Cut: Panna gemstone can be given any shape, the most popular being cushion, pear, and oval cut. A defined design accounts for a higher range.
  • Origin: The most prized stone is high carat Colombian emerald stone. This gemstone with vibrant color, high clarity, specific cut, and high carat weight is rare. Hence 3.5 carat Colombian emeralds have a high cost.
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