10 Carat White Sapphire

A 10 Carat White Sapphire weighs around 2 gms (1.8 gms for Safed Pukhraj Stone 10 Ratti) and is a colorless sapphire with a cloudy white look worn for protection from evil energy, good fortune, and self-enlightenment. As per the Vedic astrology, a 10.5 Carat White Sapphire is believed to improve the Shukra Mahadasha, as Venus(Shukr) is the ruler, and benefits people who have strong Libra (tula) and Taurus (vrishab) zodiac placements in their birth chart the most. The Natural White Sapphire Stone 10.25 Carat Price In India ranges between INR 10000-1000000 ($120.89-12,084.37), depending upon factors like cut, clarity, color, and origin, besides the weight. A Certified Carat 10.25 Safed Pukhraj Stone with Exceptional clarity, large weight, lesser inclusions, in square or custom shapes, and that is rare to find, is valued at a higher cost than others.


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