10 Carat Blue Sapphire

A 10 carat blue sapphire weighs 2 gms, which is a perfect size for statement jewelry. This weight usually measures 12 to 14 millimeters, depending on its cut and form. Wear a 10 ratti Neelam stone to gain name, fame, and success in life. Add this as a heirloom jewelry to your collection. A high-carat weight gemstone reaps the most benefits

Blue sapphires come with many names! If you want to bring luck or strength into your life, 10 Carat Neelam is an excellent way to do just that. For elegance, choose Mayuri Neelam, for boldness, go for Aparajita Neelam, or try Indraneelam for something truly spiritual! You can easily pick a 10 carat sapphire for a centerpiece of your pendant or bracelet and stand out in your own way.

Especially 10 carat blue sapphire stone has many benefits-

  • Improved Spiritual Awareness: Expanding the Third Eye Chakra can expand intuitive abilities and psychic capacities.
  • Concentration and Mental Clarity: Enhance clarity, focus, memory recall, and making sound decisions.
  • Emotional Balance: Find dynamic equilibrium to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression and create inner calm.
  • Healing and Protection: 10 carat blue sapphire acts as a protective barrier from negative energies while aiding in eye, headache, and thyroid healing.
  • Expression and Communication: Expands communication abilities while encouraging honesty, integrity, and clarity in presentation.
  • Wealth and Prosperity: Focused on drawing wealth, economic opportunities, and prosperity to oneself and the surrounding environment.
  • Physical Healing: Physical healing is an alternative treatment method without scientific backing for conditions such as blood disorders, inflammation, and digestive issues.

Here are some factors that can help you understand the range of 10 carat sapphire price;

Color Attractive shades of blue range from light to deep royal.
Clarity Higher quality stones have less noticeable imperfections and fewer inclusions.
Cut Precision in cutting increases both quality and beauty.
Carat Weight Astrologers use various techniques to advise on gemstone weights; for example, a 60-kilogram person might need at least five carats (60 KG/12 = 5 Ratti).

Origin Certain regions (Kashmir, Burma, or Sri Lanka) are valued higher due to their historical significance, rarity, or perceived high-end qualities.
Certification Gemological tests performed by an established lab add value by assuring authenticity and qualitY.
Treatment Heat treatment of stones can increase their clarity and color, but without heat, treatments tend to be rarer resulting in the rise of 10 carat sapphire prices.
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