1 Carat White Sapphire

A 1 carat white sapphire weighs 0.2 grams (the price of Original White Sapphire 1 Ratti Stone is calculated at 0.18 grams). It is a colorless, transparent sapphire belonging to the Corundum mineral family like ruby and other sapphires. In Vedic astrology, a 1.5 carat white sapphire is believed to bring good fortune, positive vibes, and protection from evil. Ruled by Planet Venus, a Safed Pukhraj Stone 1 Ratti strengthens the crown chakras, and improves the shukra mahadasha. The white sapphire price per carat ranges between INR 7000-70000 ($84.62-846.15), depending upon factors like cut, clarity, color, and origin, besides the weight. Navratan, the ultimate online gem bazaar destination brings you Certified Carat 1 Safed Pukhraj Stone, proving the authenticity and helping you make an informed choice.


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