1 Carat Emerald Stone

An Original Emerald Stone 1 Carat weighs 200 milligrams. The size is evaluated as 6.68x4.95x3.22mm. Visually this stone appears adequate in size. If you are looking for a stunning green gem as the center stone of your jewelry, the natural emerald stone 1 carat can be your pick.

An Original Emerald Stone 1 Ratti is a beautiful gemstone that comes from the beryl family. It helps in enhancing communication skills and is associated with abundance and prosperity. Individuals looking for success in their business ventures, jobs, or relationships benefit from 1 carat panna. A 1.5 carat emerald cut diamond is regarded as a perfect investment for the feeling of spring, new beginnings, and growth.

An original 1 carat emerald gemstone with a soothing color and fair hardness is a perfect choice for everyday wear. This stone plays an important role in Vedic astrology. By wearing a 1.5 ct emerald you can boost your creativity and artistic talents. It is a wonderful green gem that enhances healing properties and contributes to overall well-being. Now it depends upon you to decide how much is an emerald one carat price worth.

More than the weight, it is the quality that determines the 1.5 carat emerald price. Thus, an emerald price 1 carat ranges from INR 6,000 to INR 10,000 per carat. The main factors that decides its actual cost are:

  • Color: The quality of the stone is determined by hue, tone, and saturation. The emerald one carat price increases with the stones in a vivid green hue, medium tone, and high saturation.
  • Clarity: The Original Emerald Stone 1 Ratti has visible inclusions called ‘Jardins’. A high-clarity stone with few or no inclusions is higher.
  • Cut: A proper cut defines the quality of the stone. They can be cut into oval, round, cushion, or octagon. So, one can look for 1.5 carat emerald cut diamond giving your jewelry an attractive look.
  • Carat Weight: Choose quality over quantity. A 1 carat emerald price goes high with strong color and eye-clean appearance accounts.
  • Origin: Colombian emerald stone 1 carat is prized for its exceptional color and clarity. Higher carats are rare and expensive. It can be a timeless addition to your gemstone collection.
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