8 Best Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings of the Year

Posted on July 5th, 2023 05:49 PM

Is there anything more refreshing than the bright sunlight? Shining through the blue sky, the golden and yellow rays open the door for new hope and opportunities. When it comes to jewelry, yellow sapphire is the most incredible stone one can just relate to the hues of nature preferably those of the sunrays.

 This beautiful gemstone is known for pertaining various benefits since history and the belief is owned by many till date. Solely a stone or crafted in any of the jewelry frames, yellow sapphire there to fascinate with their subtle yet refreshing hue. This blog emphasizes one of the categories that is rings. Yellow sapphires as engagement rings is the trendiest fashion one can look for. 

Sapphires: An Overview

Sapphires are one of the impressive gemstones that have a wide history. Right from being the stones that promote health and wellness to considering it as heirloom jewelry, sapphires have come a long way. These stones from the corundum family come in wide colors other than just blue. Yellow, green, red, pink, purple are few to name. Sapphires have perfect hardness making them ideal stones for jewelry pieces. 

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Engagement Rings: The Most Loved Jewelry Essential 

For couples, engagement rings are one of the most desirable jewelry items to make their special day more essential. Choosing an engagement ring is always an overwhelming situation where one sets off to explore new styles- the best that can be presented to his or her loved one. With trends changing, engagement ring styles have evolved with time. Earlier when diamonds for engagement rings were the only choice made by most of the couples, preference has changed till date. Though diamonds have stayed there to be loved for what they were-an epitome of luxury, colored stones have found their way adding a touch of vibrance and uniqueness. 

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Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring: Style Redefined 

Unique and unusual always attracts and when it comes to art or jewelry, the reasons are many. Love stories wrapped in a piece of accessory marks the journey of a beautiful relationship- an unending one. The colored gemstones add unmatched elegance to the same. It's not only rings, but all categories of gemstone jewelry have taken the fashion world by storm. The reasons are obvious, they come with amazing options, and it's always a pleasure to discover more. Just ask and you get the color of your choice.

Why Should One Choose Yellow Sapphire as an Engagement Ring? 

It’s time to add a pop of color to your wardrobe and yellow is the best to start with. When it comes to engagement rings it sounds refreshing. Yes, a yellow sapphire engagement ring is here to break the traditional norms, adding a contemporary touch to your style. At Navratan, our hunt for finding the best of natural gemstones gets its destination in the frames of different jewelry. If you are the one who believes in uniqueness, check out these yellow sapphire engagement rings from Navratan. 

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The Heartbeat Split Shank Yellow Sapphire Ring

This beautiful creation from Navratan is the perfect accessory for expressing love. Getting into the intricate details, the heart shaped yellow sapphire fascinates with its dazzling cut and radiance. The white sparkling gemstones around the centre stone are set perfectly in a dual heart shape metal frame. The split shank yellow sapphire ring adds a more distinguished look and is studded with sparkling stones.

Yellow sapphire heartbeat split shank ring


The Daisy Cluster Yellow Sapphire Ring

Inspired from a daisy flower, this yellow sapphire engagement ring is one of the finest creations. Exploring flowers as the inspiration for any jewelry item is always the best way to imitate the freshness of nature.Paying homage to nature, our artisans have incorporated their art beautifully, in this engagement ring. A cushion cut yellow sapphire in the centre surrounded by petals of gold metal is a perfect expression of femininity and of course a thoughtful gift to your beloved. Daisy flowers symbolize new beginnings and what's a better gift one can give than this Daisy Cluster Yellow Sapphire Ring-a token of love for the new beginnings. 

Yellow sapphire daisy cluster ring

Myriad Of Love Trilogy Yellow Sapphire Ring

Three stone or trilogy rings have been the trendiest of the engagement rings. A touch of contrast is definitely a compelling way to get away from the monotonous line of fashion. This yellow sapphire trilogy engagement ring celebrates past, present and future in a relationship. The oval cut sapphire in the center is highlighted by the sparkling white gemstones on either side. This ring showcases the beauty of two different stones, set perfectly in prongs conveying the message of love.  

Yellow sapphire myriad of lovetrilogy ring

The Minimalistic Yellow Sapphire Gold Ring

The minimalist jewelry has always been in fashion. Call it the way it just blends with everything or just because it is that simple as it matches your personality, these jewelries are loved by everyone. An oval yellow sapphire takes the center stage all set in prongs complementing the gold metal like no other. This minimalistic yellow sapphire engagement ring is the best as it finds the palace in one’s wardrobe just the way it is- simple and elegant. 

Yellow sapphire minimalistic ring

 Heritage Legacy Cluster Yellow Sapphire Ring

Thinking for rings that can be more than just an engagement ring then your search ends here. This yellow sapphire cluster ring not only boasts a yellow-hued gemstone but also its amazing cluster of white stones set in a compelling metal design. Sapphires perfectly demonstrate the ideal hardness and this cluster ring is an epitome of fine artistry. A perfect way to express your love that can be passed on to generations.  

Yellow sapphire heritage legacy cluster ring

Cultured Art Deco Yellow Sapphire Ring

Art Deco ring styles have always been in trend owing to their contemporary look. Thus, there is nothing better than adding modern elegance to your engagement ring. This yellow sapphire art deco ring from Navratan features a fancy cut sapphire in the center highlighted by square shaped white stones. The metal frame is designed bringing in the essence of 1910’s era alive but with a modern touch that is sure to catch an eye. 

Yellow sapphire cultured art deco ring

The Glorious Yellow Sapphire Gold Ring

A piece of jewelry with a single stone in the center is the best way to highlight its beauty. Solitaires indeed are preferred as engagement rings as they not only states love for a single one but also allows the center stone gran attention. This glorious yellow sapphire ring casted in gold is the perfect pick for your special day.

Yellow sapphire glorious ring

The Ravishing Yellow Sapphire Gold Ring

This ravishing yellow sapphire ring is just amazing as the name suggests. The beauty of the radiant yellow sapphire in the center is accentuated by the accent white stones that surround it. Though the accent stones add sparkle to the ring but the design yet goes minimalistic. A perfect one that suits your everyday look too. So, this ring finds a perfect place in your jewelry ensemble where engagement rings are forever, not only for that special day. One can pair this gold ring with any outfit remembering the love of life everyday. 

Yellow sapphire ravishing ring

The list of yellow sapphire engagement rings doesn't end up here, there are many to be explored. Just visit our website and get the perfect pick for you.  

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