Why Ruby Stone Is A Must Have For All Jewelry Enthusiasts

Posted on July 10th, 2023 06:17 PM

Lavish, bold, and fiery, ruby is an awe-inspiring gemstone deserving to be a part of any jewelry wardrobe. We resolutely believe that the ruby’s luxurious presence is a must-have for all vintage collectors. And that’s not it; this vibrant gem ensures that you catch everyone's attention every time. From simple ruby joys to extravagant wonders, here are reasons why rubies are a must for everyone of us.



A Meaningful Gemstone

The ruby is associated with noble qualities like bravery, joy, and honesty. The ruby has been said to increase zeal for life, eliminate procrastination, and improve focus and productivity. One's life and tranquillity can be safeguarded by simply donning a ruby. In general, this gem stands for strength, security, and bravery.

Ruby gemstone

Symbolism Of Ruby

Passion, love, wisdom, prosperity, and power are just a few of the many unique ruby meanings. Ruby offerings to the Hindu god Krishna guarantee a position of power in the next life. While mediaeval Europeans believed that rubies ensured health, prosperity, wisdom, and romantic success, people in India and Burma felt that these jewels gave safety and tranquilly. Ruby stone is one of the more striking birthstones due to its rich history and symbolism; those born in July are fortunate to have an all-year-round excuse to flaunt their beautiful gems.

July Birthstone

Rubies are an eminently royal gemstone with a reputation for boldness. If your birthday is in July, you're in luck: the ruby is a passionate July birthstone. This ruby will last you until your next birthday in July with very little care on your part. One of the most eye-catching and long-lasting ways to commemorate a July occasion is with a gift of ruby jewelry.

Benefits Of Rubies

The use of rubies as detoxification tools has been recognized. It reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and condenses fevers. The adrenals, kidneys, and ovaries all benefit from ruby's stimulating effects.

Distinguishable Than Sapphires

There has always been a debate over the borderline difference between rubies and pink sapphires. Factually, the word ruby originated from hues of red, which precisely include pink hues. However, there are cultural differences between rubies and pink sapphires. For instance, Sri Lanka claims pink sapphire as ruby, while other countries classify it as pink sapphire. To evaluate if a piece of corundum is actually a ruby, the GIA Laboratory uses a carefully curated collection of stones known as master stones. The corundum family includes rubies. Ruby is the only acceptable name for a red corundum gemstone. The element Chromium is responsible for giving rubies their distinctive red colour. Rubies greater than 3 carats are exceptionally rare.

Ever Glitzed Ruby Gemstones jewels

Ruby jewelry is the perfect accent for any jewelry collection. Distinct, singular, and fantastic scarlet can infuse meaning into any setting. Undoubtedly, they can melt the hearts of gemstone lovers. Hold on to know reasons why you should wiggle yourself with this everlasting jewel.

Ruby stone

Ruby Earrings

Dotted ruby earrings are adorable additions to your gemstone collection. Sparkling rubies are the simplest way to prompt a start to a wonderful day. Or if you want a simple but impressive stud, try a remarkable transformation with a pair of halo ruby studs.

Ruby Bracelets

Make your gemstone wardrobe very unique with the ruby bracelet along with customized diamonds. Or just choose a ruby bangle to flaunt.

Ruby Necklaces

A ruby necklace can make you an exceptional centre of attention in a crowd. Or just think about a sophisticated ruby pendant for summer vacations.

Ruby Engagement Ring

Rubies have been a symbol of love and romance. This makes it a perfect centre stone for your engagement ring than a traditional diamond ring. It adds a contemporary twist, which adds uniqueness to your style statement and definitely makes you stand out from the crowd.

Ruby stone jewellery

7 Ultimate Facts About Rubies

These interesting facts narrate the reason why rubies are the gemstone of the spotlight:

  • Among the four most precious gems, rubies rank first, beside emeralds stone, sapphires, and diamonds.
  • The Latin word rubens, meaning "red," is where we get our term "ruby." Many different tones of red, from deep dark red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red, can be found in rubies. Chromium, present in minute quantities, is responsible for the colour. The most valuable rubies have a deep, saturated red hue with a tinge of blue.
  • Third, rubies are a type of corundum that range in colour from pink to crimson red. Sapphires are a broader term that encompasses any gem-quality corundum.
  • The month of July's birthstone is the ruby. It's also the standard present for a 15th or 40th anniversary.
  • On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, rubies are a solid 9. They are just a little softer than diamonds, yet they are just as hard as sapphires.
  • Myanmar (Burma), Africa, Australia, and the United States are just a few of the places where rubies have been discovered. Many of the world's finest rubies came from mines in Myanmar, hence the term "Burmese Rubies" for the very best stones.
  • It's estimated that only one in a million rubies is completely flawless. In fact, the absence of inclusions is taken as a sign that a ruby is not genuine.

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