Who Should Not Wear Emeralds: Negative Effects of Emeralds

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Posted on February 28th, 2023 12:50 PM

The glory songs and profoundness of emerald gemstones have been uttered umpteen times that we can’t maintain a proper count. Undeniably, emerald is one of the most scintillating, robust, and revered gemstones in existence, and the list of jaw-dropping benefits of emerald stones is humongous. However, whatever comes with a multitude of pros also has a myriad of cons that shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Emeralds are widely acknowledged for turning the tides in your favor, healing the deadliest ailments and diseases, uplifting consciousness, and giving a major boost to your journey toward spiritualism. But, are you aware of all the negative effects of wearing an emerald stone? If the answer is yes, that’s subtle. If it's not, don’t worry, we have rounded up everything for you in this blog post that states all the negative effects of emeralds and lucidly states who shouldn’t wear the emerald stone. Let’s get started.

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Who Should Not Wear Emeralds?

Who Should Not Wear Emeralds?

Those who commit the grave mistake of embracing emeralds without consulting an experienced and illustrious astrologer have to face the wrath as well as the ramifications of it. People whose Zodiac signs are not compatible with the planet associated with Emeralds must avoid wearing an emerald stone or emerald jewelry no matter how thumping it is looking. Below, we have stated the Zodiac signs that don’t resonate well with emerald.


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People with the Scorpio Zodiac sign must avoid wearing an emerald stone unless the planet Mercury is sitting at favorable positions which are the 3rd, 7th, and 10th house. Embrace emerald stone only when the Mercury planet sits at the main house.


Emerald is not an exemplary stone for people of the Aries Zodiac sign as the planet Mars is not at all resonate with the planet Mercury. Hence, people of the Aries Zodiac sign must take utmost precaution and consult an experienced astrologer before making the move.


Individuals with the sun sign Cancer should also avoid embracing emerald stones or emerald rings to protect themselves from the vicious ramifications that come with wearing the stone.

Apart from the above-stated Zodiac signs, there are numerous conditions that must be kept in mind before you decide to embrace an emerald stone ring. If you satiate these conditions, you should avoid wearing an emerald stone.

  • If your concentration level and mental balance are good, avoid embracing emerald stone.
  • If you are doing well financially and growing expeditiously in all aspects of life, it’s ideal to avoid wearing emerald stones.
  • If you are struggling with different types of allergies or other skin-related problems, never give a second thought to embracing an emerald stone.
  • If you have an envious nature, the emerald stone is definitely not for you.
  • If the emerald stone benefits are not reflected in your life even after 45-60 of embracing it, better consult an astrologer and remove the ring. 
  • If the minuscule things in life influence you to a great extent, you should definitely avoid wearing emerald stone to save yourself from its ill impact.

What Are The Negative Effects of  Emerald Gemstones?

Who Should Not Wear Emeralds?

It would be wise for any person to become familiar with all pros and cons in advance before giving a thought to roping in a stunning emerald stone. Ideally, emerald stone commences showing its effects within 45-60 days of wearing and the impact remains vehement for 5-6 years. After that duration, one has to change the stone to keep drawing the benefits out of it. Below, we have jotted down all the ill effects of embracing an emerald stone. 

  • One of the biggest negative effects of embracing an emerald stone is that it can cause immense mental stress to the wearer. Despite immense mental stress, if an individual continues to wear the stone, it can cause permanent mental imbalance.
  • Another major negative effect of emerald stone is that it makes the wearer chase frivolous and meaningless stuff. A person squanders only for spontaneous and demeaning stuff and life becomes one big vicious loop for him.
  • If the emerald stone doesn’t suit you well, it will create great mayhem in your personal and professional lives. Moreover, you will also witness great turbulence in your relationships with parents, in-laws, and kids as well.
  • The impact of emeralds on the health of the wearer is quite dire and frightening. This stone will slowly and steadily deteriorate your physical state and make you foible internally. It can also cause life-threatening mental disorders like paranoia and schizophrenia that can put any person in a mental asylum. Apart from these severe problems, a wearer can also experience numerous skin and throat-related problems.
  • Sometimes, embracing an emerald without getting your horoscope analyzed by an experienced astrologer can hamper your financial condition as well as make you bankrupt. It can also directly impacts the quality of life of your children.
  • Perhaps the most jolting negative effect of Zambian emerald stone is it can put the wearer behind the bars by creating circumstances accordingly. It influences your luck, dwindles all your abilities, and falters close relationships. 

Which Gemstone Should Not Be Worn with Emeralds?

Who Should Not Wear Emeralds?

If you wear a panna stone and already facing its dire repercussions, it’s ideal to know in advance about all the gemstones that shouldn’t be worn with emeralds to halt amplifying the negative effects of emeralds. 

An emerald stone should never be worn with red coral, yellow sapphire (Pukhraj Stone), or pearl as emerald is linked with the Planet Mercury, and wearing the above-stated gemstones with emeralds multiply the negative effects of emerald and make your life a topsy-turvy affair. 

Moreover, if you belong to the Sun Sign Sagittarius, Aries, and Cancer, the emerald stone is definitely not for you, hence, no prominent astrologer will recommend you to wear emerald if you have one of these Zodiac signs and the planet Mercury is sitting at some other house in your Horoscope apart from 7th and 10th positions. 

In a nutshell, wearing emeralds, if the Planet Mercury is not sitting at exemplary positions in your Horoscope, might land you in problematic situations and debilitate subtle aspects of your life. Therefore, it’s better to consult an illustrious astrologer first before you rope in a fine emerald stone and embrace it.

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