Which Shape of Red coral is best?

Posted on June 3rd, 2024 05:37 PM

Red coral is also called Moonga Ratna in Hindi. It is linked to the planet Mars or Mangal Graha, which signifies leadership, determination, and strength. In Vedic astrology, individuals with weaker Mars are suggested to wear munga. But do you know gemstone shapes also matter in providing desired outcomes? Yes, they do. So, if you ask which shape of red coral is best. The triangular shape is the best in astrology. Let's see what are the benefits of wearing this particular shape of Moonga Ratna. 

5 Benefits of Triangular Moonga 

Lakshmi moonga, or Tikona munga, as it is commonly known in India, is believed to be ruled by Goddess Laksmi, which signifies wealth and prosperity. Why is the triangular shape preferred? This shape is important not only in astrology but also in life. It is a symbol of strength, power, and purpose. The triangle is the strongest shape in the universe as it is regarded as the building block. Thus, wearing a Tikona red coral strongly harnesses the power of the related planet, which is a part of the universe. However, that doesn't mean other cuts and shapes are not meaningful. But those who see particular benefits, like those below, should wear Lakshmi munga. 

Moonga Stone

Relationship Benefits 

Red coral stone is preferably worn for peace in marriage or love life. It is believed that this gemstone reduces the adverse effects of Manglik Dosh. This dosha is also known as Kuja Dosha in Tamil, and its presence in one’s birth chart leads to unfavourable outcomes. It relates to delays in marriage, bad luck, and challenges in life. Since it is linked to the ruling planet Mars, wearing the gemstone for the same is recommended. For females, adorning a Tikona Moonga in the left hand is beneficial as it ensures the longevity of the spouse.  It maintains love and avoids conflicts in married life. 

Financial Benefits of Tikona Munga 

The triangle shape is the best shape for red coral as it attracts money, and hence, it is called Lakshmi munga. The energy flows from the triangular-shaped stone that aids in decision-making and strategic thinking skills. For a working professional seeking promotion, this gem is beneficial. It encourages business personnel to take risks that can bring profit. This Moonga Ratna helps people face financial challenges and protects them from losses. 

Enhanced Energy Flow 

The best shape of red coral, which is triangular, is known to enhance the flow of energy. In Vedic astrology, shapes play an important role in amplifying energy. A triangle means hope, love, and faith, and thus, gemstones cut in this shape symbolize the same. It harnesses the power of the planet Mars and is linked with strength, vitality, and courage. Moreover, it maintains a constant flow of energy impacting the body, mind, and soul. Individuals working in professions that demand more physical energy, like athletes, police, firefighters, and more, can wear this Mangal Ratna. Wearing a triangular red coral ring on the ring finger of the right hand provides energy and motivation to the wearer. 

Career aspects of Lakshmi Moonga 

Triangular red coral in astrology impacts career growth and professional success. The vibrant red color of the stone gem boosts confidence, leadership, and communication skills. It is beneficial for managers and executives as it enhances their decision power. For those in authoritative roles, wearing this natural gemstone helps improve their communication abilities and enhance team collaboration. It aids in overcoming career-related challenges, providing the wearer with strong determination. Wearing a triangle white coral offers clarity of mind, allowing an individual to have a purpose in life. Thus, it is an amazing Ratna for achieving desired career goals. 

Spiritual Benefits of Tikona Munga Ratna 

Spiritually, this Mangal stone is related to the crown chakra. Activation of this chakra connects your inner self to divinity. Wearing this shaped gemstone allows one to think about self and surroundings. It also offers individual health benefits such as boosting the immune system and improving blood circulation. Those dealing with health-related issues such as blood pressure, anemia, anxiety, and depression. It promotes the wearer's physical and emotional well-being.

Red Coral Stone

How to Wear a Triangle Red Coral?

-Individuals under the zodiac sign, such as Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, can wear this gemstone. 

-The correct finger to wear this stone is the ring finger of the right hand for males and the same finger of the left hand for females. 

-It should be worn in gold only. The metal gold is related to the planet Sun, which is friends with Mars, the planet of coral. Make sure that the stone touches your skin as it allows a constant flow of energy. 

-Generally, it takes 4-5 days for Munga Ratna to show its effects if worn correctly. Whatever your purpose for wearing the gem, if it shows signs of happening, it is a clear indication that the stone suits you. 

-The best day and time to wear Tikona Moonga ratna is early Tuesday morning. 

The mantra to be performed during the energization ritual is “Om Kraan Kriin Kraun sa: Bhomaya Nameh.”

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