What makes Navratan.com as the best Online Gemstone Store

Navratan as the best online gemstone store in india
Posted on December 7th, 2020 05:40 PM

Navratan, the online gem Bazar, is counted among the leading gemstone suppliers of Jaipur. We provide 100% original and lab certified gemstones of all colors and categories at the most reasonable price in pan India as well as the United States.

Our institution is built on the foundation of trust and quality. Being the 4th generation in the business, we hold profound experience and reliance in this industry of gorgeous gemstones. We don’t say it on our own, there are certain candid reasons that set us apart from the crowd and make Navratan gems a prominent & trusted provider of loose colored gemstones on the Internet. Let us have a look at some.

Excellent Craftsmanship

In Navratan, we not only bring, manufacture, and source natural gem pieces; we endeavor to craft and transform fine quality precious gemstones as per the requirement of the regulars in order to ensure our customers to be happy and satisfied.


Our firm takes pride to have highly-experienced and dedicated craftsmen who are simply unbeatable in their excellent artistry skills. They craft every single piece of fine gemstone with an extreme level of expertise and an equal amount of dedication, determination, & dexterity. They are the best in their niche and so are their crafted gemstones.

Wide Array to Choose From  

Every gem carries a unique power within. At navratan.com, you will get a wide range of loose gemstones. Whether you say the dazzling Diamond, Emerald Stone, Ruby Stone, Yellow Sapphires, Coral, Hessonite, Amethyst, Natural Zircon, or the beautiful Basra pearl, or any other precious or semi-precious stone; you will find its endless varieties in all shapes and sizes here at a single place.

However, it is not advisable to wear any gemstone without an expert recommendation. You should consult an experienced astrologer before opting for any gemstone because one gem being good for someone, can be ‘not so good’ for some other one. Even your lucky gemstone can be unfavorable for the other person in your circle. Though, you will get a perfect gemstone for all your requirements here.


We work on the pillars of honesty, sincerity, reliability, and integrity. Though, nowadays almost all the existing e-commerce segments tend to provide a unique kind of online presence to their patrons; we at navratan.com emphasize providing the best gemstones in Jaipur, which is quite elusive in the gems segment these days. 

Our trustworthiness is our key asset. All our gemstones are certified. Every single piece that is sold by Navratan is lab tested and holds an authenticity certificate alongside. Our 4th generation is the proof of our credibility and professionalism in this line of business.

Easy Return 

Customer satisfaction is what we are known for in the market. Besides the vast and unique array of high-quality natural & certified gemstones, we strive to deliver the best quality shopping experience to our customers at the most reasonable price

We have no questions return policy. If you do not like the gemstone or the delivered product does not match your expectations in any manner, you simply hold the right to return it without any questions. At Navratan, the online gem Bazar, we facilitate cash on delivery facility together with an easy return option on all our gemstone assortment.  

Quick and Insured Delivery 

When it comes to delivering the precious product safely in the hands of our customers, we take utmost care and intellect. We do not only emphasize on the fast delivery facility but we also stab to ensure that it’s safe as well. With Navratan, you will get insurance and lightning-fast delivery of your gemstone through the best and reliable logistic service providers such as Sequel and DTDC. 

We provide free worldwide shipping with every order above INR 2,00,000 in addition to all orders above INR 10,000 in India. In order to provide an ultimate buying experience to our customers, we deal with these renowned shipment options that ensure convenient and successful delivery of every transit.

These are some of the key points why Navratan gems are considered among the most trusted and promising gemstone suppliers in Jaipur. Our proficiency and professionalism make us unique from all the other existing gemstone suppliers and clutches the priceless trust of our customers for years. If you are also in search of a perfect gemstone for yourself or for any of your loved ones, you can visit Navratan.com, the online gem Bazar and explore a wide variety of masterfully crafted gemstones. We buckle down to offer you excellent quality gem pieces paired with wholesale costs.

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