Top 6 Pitambari Neelam Benefits

Posted on May 7th, 2024 05:54 PM

Pitambari Neelam, also called bi-color sapphire, is one of the varieties of sapphires from the corundum mineral family. This gemstone differs from the natural Neelam, which is better known for its stronger astrological powers. Pitambri features two colors in one stone, yellow and blue, whereas natural blue sapphire occurs only in a single color, blue. Not only this, there are differences in hues, but astrologically, they also impact the wearer in different ways. Let's see some of the Pitambari Neelam benefits here: 

6 Bi-color sapphire benefits 

Pitambari Ratna is linked to two different planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Thus, it contains the power of Pukhraj and blue sapphire together. Let's explore these benefits one by one: 

1. Health and Wellbeing

This gemstone is believed to strengthen the immune system and boost vitality. Wearing this stone helps promote good health to your organs, particularly the liver. It detoxifies the liver and promotes proper functioning. Other than this, it also supports digestive health, aiding the individual with improved digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body. Since Pitambri carries the power of blue sapphire, wearing it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Thus, it contributes to the overall wellness of the wearer. 

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2. Enhance Wealth and Prosperity 

The energy of bi-color sapphire is associated with stimulating your wealth and prosperity. Since this gemstone bears the power of two different planets, Jupiter (Guru) and Saturn (Shani), it bestows the wearer with abundance and improved financial status. The Guru represents wealth and prosperity in Vedic astrology, aligning its powers to this stone. The harmonious flow of the planet's energy and the gemstone's vibrational energy attracts opportunities for financial growth. Whether you are starting a new business or a working professional, wearing the original Pitambari Neelam benefits in enhancing your financial success. 

3. Promotes Clarity of Thoughts 

Bi-color sapphires carry the energy of Guru graha. Hence, they provide wisdom, intelligence, and cognitive skills to the wearer. Students preparing for government jobs are suggested to wear pitambri neelam. This will help them stay focused and memorize things quickly, thus allowing them to study hard for a long duration without distraction. Working professionals who find it hard to get a promotion are also advised to wear this sapphire. It will help them clarify their thoughts, make better decisions, and increase productivity. Thus, wearing a bi-color sapphire increases the chances of promotion for working professionals who, even after long efforts, are not getting results. 

4. Maintain Emotional Balance 

Wearing this sapphire promotes calming energy in the mind and emotions. It also possesses the power of blue sapphire, which, when worn, allows the wearer to get relief from anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Thus, with a happy mind and soul, you can make the best decisions in your life, whether personal or professional. With Jupiter as another planet that also infuses its power in the stone, you are blessed with mental clarity. Even when you struggle to make decisions, this stone becomes your savior. Pitambari Neelam benefits for male include heightened wisdom, knowledge and concentration. 

6 pitambari neelam benefits

5. Stimulates Spiritual Growth 

This gemstone is associated with spiritual awakening and connection to self. If you are struggling for peace of mind, meditate with this stone by holding it in your hand. Doing so will help activate your Solar Plexus, third eye, and throat chakra. It is believed that those who are suffering from chronic joint pain or any blood-related diseases should wear bi color sapphire. This gemstone aids in deepening spiritual practices and inner transformation, making you handle any situation more calmly.  

6. Protection from Negative Energy 

This incredible gem has the energy of two stones known for protecting the wearer from negative energy and psychic attacks. It creates a shield around you, warding off evil eyes and offering security. Pitambari Neelam benefits for female include balancing energy within the body and reducing negativity from surroundings; for women who experience emotional instability, wearing this gem helps deal with challenging situations. 

Pitambri Neelam in Which Finger Works Best in Astrology 

Wearing bi-color sapphire on the middle finger of your right hand brings maximum benefits to the wearer. This gemstone features the energy of two different planets, Saturn and Jupiter, the former being the most powerful one; the middle finger is the right choice to wear. The middle finger represents Shani's finger and is associated with balance, responsibility, and discipline. Thus, wearing the stone on this finger helps harmonize the positive energy and promotes the individual's growth. 

For male: Wear Pitambari Neelam in the middle finger of the right hand 

For female: Wear Bi-color sapphire in the middle finger of the left hand 

Correct mantra: "Om greem groom sa guruveh namah "

Suitable Metal: Wear bi-color sapphire in silver metal for maximum benefits in astrology 

Who can wear Pitambari: Capricorn and Aquarius can wear this stone 

How to identify natural Bi-color Sapphire stone?

-Neelam and Pitambari are different in appearance. While the former features an entire blue hue, the latter combines two different gems. So, Bi-color sapphire showcases yellow and blue hues together. 

-Sometimes, there is slightly more blue and yellow, whereas in others, it is slightly yellow and more blue. But for astrological use, the perfect stone should balance the two hues equally. Since it is a mix of Pukhraj and Neelam, balancing the energy of the two is essential. 

-Bi-color sapphire is 100% natural, and one should always buy it from a reputed gem dealer like Navratan

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