Tips To Be Kept in Mind Before Buying a Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Blue Sapphire
Posted on April 27th, 2021 03:48 PM

Sapphires are splendid. For centuries, people not only loved wearing gemstones for enhancing and glorifying beauty but also to grab their amazing astrological benefits and healing powers. Today we also have endless options to buy gemstones online. Blue Sapphire is one of such precious and supernatural gemstones that can enhance the beauty of its wearer anytime, anywhere. Nowadays, a lot of women have started to turn towards sapphires as the gemstone of their choice for an engagement ring. Despite the fact that there are many varieties in sapphires, by far the most popular and desired one is blue.

It is a precious member of the Corundum family that belongs to the renowned Navratna. By bringing both beauty and elegance together, a blue sapphire or Neelam gemstone gives your engagement ring a royal and unique look. Whether you are looking out for a mere blue sapphire gemstone or a blue sapphire engagement ring, there is a lot that goes into picking out the perfect one. Sometimes it may even get confusing because there are endless advisers and options to purchase a blue sapphire gemstone from. In order to assist you better, we have compiled a list of unbiased and thorough information to help you buying a blue sapphire online. Here you will get the answers to all your questions, quires, and confusions.

Read our previous blog to know how and why Blue Sapphire is termed as The Most Powerful Gemstone. Below are some tips you need to know before you buy a blue sapphire gem piece.

Judge it Right

Once you are definite that you are going to get a blue sapphire for your engagement, the very next best step is judging it right. You need to figure out what kind of stone you want and from where. Every gemstone is exceptional in its own way. In general, there are four main key points you should look at while judging a gemstone, known as 'The famous 4 Cs'. The price of any gem piece is determined by these four factors i.e., the color, clarity, cut, and the carat weight that ultimately decide its quality. The same is the case with Blue sapphire.

Color: The color is what the shade of your sapphire is. The fundamental element in the color shade is its saturation and consistency, essentially how true and intense the hue of the sapphire seems. In general, the higher the level of consistency and saturation is there, the better is the sapphire considered.

Clarity: Generally, most of the gemstones arise with a few inclusions in them. Sapphires with absolutely no inclusions cast high suspicion and probability of being synthetic, glass-filled, or highly treated. You should opt for a sapphire that has no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

To judge the clarity, experts consider the size, location of origin, and the number of inclusions in the stone. The less visible the inclusions are, the higher the grade of a gemstone is ranked.

Cut: The cut of a stone refers to an expert artistic difference that makes it a precious gemstone. It is one of the most determining elements of any gemstone, which defines how it was faceted and polished from its rough state. The cut is essentially what makes an ordinary sapphire really valuable and equally sparkling.

In general, sapphires are given a cut grade that lies in extinction, symmetry, brilliance, and windowing. You should know what cut you want or desire and specifically search for that.

Carat: The weight of a gemstone is measured in carats. This weight in terms of carat affects the price. Typically, larger sapphire stones are harder to come by than smaller ones, therefore they are estimated of higher value. However, not just the big carat weight makes a stone valuable, its price also varies between the different color shades it owns. For instance, you can easily find a yellow sapphire gemstone in and above 5 carats, while it will be a little harder to find a blue one.

Pick the Best Shade of Blue

As we all know the color is an essential factor while assessing the value of a sapphire. Henceforth, the second most important thing you will want to know while purchasing a blue sapphire gemstone is 'How and what shade of blue should I get?' From pale baby blue to royal blue, sapphires emanate in a large variety of shades.

The most sought after and desired color of a Neelam or blue sapphire is a strong vivid and velvety blue to the violet hue that ranges from medium to medium-dark tones. In actual fact, what color you wish, comes down from your own personal tastes. Eventually, it depends on you how light or dark shade you like in your blue sapphire to be.

View The Stones well

When purchasing a sapphire or any other gemstone, you should see the stone well from all the directions and viewpoints. When it comes to the gemstones, you have a lot of options with regards to their shape and cut. It is highly recommended that one should widely explore all the available shapes, sizes, cuts, and designs precisely while finalizing his or her blue sapphire engagement ring stone. Nowadays, many renowned online stores like Navratan provide authentic colored gemstones online.

Besides the tailor-made shapes and designs, here you get professional comprehensive photographs of every individual stone that gives you an accurate representation of it. A functional video along with the detailed report gives you a clear picture of how and what the stone really looks like so that you can easily view and analyze the gemstone from all the different 360-degree angles. When buying gemstone online, we suggest you to perceive and examine it fine to make sure it is actually of the same cut and quality as mentioned.

Blue Sapphires for Engagement

By now you are probably asking yourself 'Do blue sapphires are really goanna make good the right choice for my engagement ring?' and the answer is a big YES..! When it comes to the engagement ring, colored stones were actually more popular than diamonds till the 1940s. While maximum people commonly go with a diamond, blue sapphires are new in this trend, but definitely not the least or uncommon. In fact, they not only are used in the traditional British Royal families, but they are also quite adored by international celebrities, such as Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz, and Mary Kate Olsen.

The unique thing about this precious stone is that blue sapphire is no longer a norm, and that is what makes it extraordinarily special. It allows you to have something delicate and exclusive, which is actually important for a ring you are going to wear for the rest of your life.

Ensure the Origins

Have you ever thought about where exactly do blue sapphires originated..? If not, you should. As the origin of any stone makes a huge difference in its value and quality. In the case of blue sapphires, they are not pervasive. It is mined from very few places throughout the whole wide world. Four of the most popular locations are Kashmir, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. Each location holds specific quality or quantity that does not get produced anywhere else.

Out of these, Kashmir mines are now depleted. Owing to the intense color and quality, they are known to be the best among all the sapphires. Therefore, Kashmir Sapphires are not only exclusive but also rare to be found. On the other hand, stones that come from Australian mines, are produced in good quantity and have a rich darker-blue hue. For your engagement, you should essentially ensure the origin of the Blue Sapphire you are planning to buy.

Buy Authentic Gemstone

When you have chosen the perfect piece of gem for your much-awaited engagement ring, ensure that it is 100% authentic. Ask for an authenticity certificate from the seller or get the gemstone certified from any of the renowned gemstone testing agencies or laboratories. Since it is going to be a lifelong bond, it should be true. Therefore, when you are looking out for a gemstone for the auspicious occasion of your engagement, do make sure it is true and real. Today there are several dealers who sell gemstones, but not all are genuine.

Trust of the customers is the real asset of any business. Navratan provides a certificate of authenticity or a detailed gem identification report along with every piece of gemstone it sells, and hence customer satisfaction is the main key to their success. Besides genuine gemstones online, they bring out customized gemstones and gemstone jewelry that suits you the best all in one here at just a single click. You get best in class and exclusive stones for all your desires, requirements, moods, and occasions.

Price Ranges

When you talk about blue sapphire or any other sapphire for that matter, you will grasp a wide and considerable variation in the price range of every stone. The reason for this variation in price range is because no two stones are alike and the quality of each gemstone is distinct. On the same ground, all the sapphires are graded on their own in order to determine the value. Natural and untreated gemstones are rarer, and for that reason have higher costs.

So what will you pay for your piece of blue sapphire on the eve of your engagement..? Well, that is of course going to depend on the quality, origin, and its 4cs. For instance, if you are willing to have the certified and exclusive Kashmir sapphires from historical Kashmir mines, it is going to command higher prices than those of stones from elsewhere even if they owe the same size and quality. Besides the famous source, the stones of the Kashmir region themselves are of exceptional quality. Prices for Blue Sapphires start somewhere around Rupees 10,000 and can go beyond 10 lakhs of Rupees based on the quality and origin.

Ask Questions and Get the Facts

The most important and crucial thing to be kept in mind before you purchase your sapphire is that you know everything that you can. If you still have any questions or queries in your mind, make it clear, because only a satisfied and clear mind can make the best decision and purchase.

Simply ask a question from your seller or get complete professional advice from industry experts. Know all the related facts and information, and then make your final step of purchasing. Our sales team at Navratan will be more than happy to assist you in any of your gemstone-related concerns or requirements.

You are Good to Go

Now that you are armed packed with all the required knowledge on blue sapphires, you can confidently purchase them. For your special occasion like engagement, do prefer a trusted gemstone dealer like Navratan. You have options to explore the wide variety of real and certified blue sapphire gemstones at the most reasonable rate. Navratan has the largest selection of natural colored gemstones online. You can now begin your search for the perfect piece of blue sapphire here.

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