The Ultimate Guide to Blue Sapphire Cleaning: Expert Tips and Tricks

Blue Sapphire Cleaning  Expert Tips
Posted on August 1st, 2023 06:17 PM

The beauty of gemstones has always fascinated people since ancient times. Precious or semi-precious gemstones have attracted attention for the wide array of colors, brilliance and different shapes in which they are available. Gemstones need proper cleaning and care to maintain their beauty, sparkle, and natural toughness. 

Gemstone Cleaning Steps 

In general, different gemstones have different physical properties, and they need to be cleaned accordingly. In this blog, we will focus on gemstone cleaning, but before that, general guidance on the factors that need to be considered while cleaning the gemstones are as follows: 

Know the Hardness  

Hardness is the initial factor that needs to be judged before going for any gemstone cleaning process. Hardness is the ability to resist scratching. When it comes to gemstones, atoms are held together within a crystal structure. Applying pressure will break these bonds resulting in scratchability. Mineralogist Friedrich Mohs designed a reference scale on which each mineral can be ranked based on its hardness. Gemstone hardness is indeed related to its wearability or durability.

blue sapphire gemstone jewelary

For instance, if we compare opal and ruby, opal gemstone with a hardness of six is prone to fine scratches, while ruby or sapphire stone with nine is more resistant to abrasion and scratching. Thus, it is very important to know the hardness of your gemstone as it will help you analyze the cleaning methods. 

However, mild cleaning with water and soap is advisable for every gemstone, but soaking is not preferable for gemstones like turquoise and amber. This is because both gemstones are porous and can absorb water. Absorbing water makes these stones look dull and lose their polish.  

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Gemstone Treatment and Enhancement 

Gemstone enhancement is done to improve the color and clarity of the stone. Nowadays, gemstone treatment is a common process, as natural or untreated gemstones are difficult to find. For instance, emeralds (Panna stone) are treated to fill the tiny fractures, but this process could damage the stone. It is, thus, important to know whether your gemstone is treated, as it helps choose the right cleaning method. 

Certified gemstones 

Buying a certified stone from a reputed gem dealer is always advisable. Gemstone identification laboratories provide special features of the stone, like the type of treatments, inclusions, physical features and more. These certificates or gemstone appraisals will help determine the type of care for the gemstones.

Pre-use care

 Before cleaning the gemstone or gemstone jewelry, pre-use care is required. It is advisable to apply perfumes and hairspray prior before putting on the jewelry. This pre-care will help maintain the brilliance of the gemstone. For instance, some gems are highly reactive to alcohols and acids, and thus reduce their brilliance and shine.  

Blue Sapphire Stone Cleaning: Some Tips to Consider  

After discussing the factors that impact the overall beauty of the gemstone, it is time to focus on the cleaning guide of one of the most admirable gemstones. Blue sapphire gemstone or September birthstone has marked their valuable presence since ancient history. This blue-colored stone is linked to spiritual enlightenment, power and divinity. One of the royal gemstones, blue sapphire, has been treasured and passed on to generations as heirlooms. These fascinating gemstones thus need to be properly taken care of. Besides possessing a vibrant blue hue, these blue corundum are well known for their astrological benefits. Thus, proper caring of these stones can maximize the power of blue sapphires. Regarding this, a few Blue sapphire stone cleaning tips are recommended below: 

blue sapphire stone brush cleaning process

  • Firstly, it is recommended to use mild detergent and warm water for proper cleaning of the blue sapphire gemstone. Sapphires stand perfectly on the Mohs hardness scale. Though these gemstones are durable enough and are least resistant to scratches, it is advisable to use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess water. 
  • Scrubbing the gemstone with a soft brush avoids scratching. The gemstone-studded jewelry should be rinsed in a bowl of water. This rinsing of the stuff separately avoids the risk of losing gems. 

Neelam sapphire stone cleaning process

  • As mentioned above, knowing whether the gemstone is treated or untreated is important, as it will help provide a proper cleaning process. Heat treatment is common for blue sapphires to enhance the stone's color. Washing the stone with mild detergent and warm water works well for cleaning treated blue sapphires. At Navratan, the online gem bazaar, both treated and natural blue sapphires are available. When buying blue sapphire stones, avoid gemstones treated with beryllium, fracture filling, irradiation or dying. These treatments weaken the gemstone resulting in their cracking and damage. 
  • Keep your blue sapphire gemstone or blue sapphire ring, bracelet, pendant or necklace away from chlorinated water, bleach and other strong oxidizers. 
  • Always look for certified blue sapphires as they will give prior knowledge about the stone, and the process for cleaning can be chosen. At Navratan, you can find premium quality blue sapphires certified by reputed gemstone laboratories. 
  • Blue sapphires are stones that celebrates 65th wedding anniversary. A quality blue sapphire improves relationship by increasing love and commitment. Thus, blue sapphire engagement rings are trending nowadays. Blue sapphire jewelry care involves storing these ornaments in separate pouches. This storage will help retain the shine of the gemstone for a long time.
  • The sapphire jewelry should be checked often, ensuring the stones are not loose. 
  • The other recommended tips for sapphire jewelry care involve avoiding wearing it doing work like cooking, gardening etc. It is important to polish the stone at least once a year to maintain the shine and beauty of sapphires.
  • When talking about blue sapphire ring cleaning, it is essential to care for the metal in which the stone is embedded. Cleaning the metals is also a pre-requisite as it affects the overall beauty of the jewelry. 

blue sapphire cleaning tips and tricks

Blue sapphire gemstones are one of the most beautiful stones worn for centuries. The admirable blue color of the stone, whether those Royal Blue Sapphires or Cornflower Blue Sapphires, has enchanted people for a long. Maintenance of sapphires is important. Blue Sapphire Cleaning in a processed way helps retain the stone's allure and shine for a long. 

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