September Birthstone:- Select Your Exquisite Shade

Posted on November 3rd, 2021 02:28 PM

Gorgeous glaring gemstones grab human heed for ages. These tiny beauties are not just admired for their sizzling miens but also for the amazing astrological powers they carry. Popularly known as Natural Healing Crystals, these sophisticated enchantresses are enough to hold breaths anytime. Though in their natural form, they may not sound that glossy but once curved in the perfect shape by master hands, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the case. Some people opt for wearing stones as per their birth month while others wear them as per their astrologers’ recommendation who advise them after studying the position of stars and planets in their house of horoscope. If you are among those who want to explore stones according to their birth dates or are willing to buy gemstones online, give Find Your Perfect Birthstone By Month a read. 

                  The kingdom of colored gemstones is not just generous but also a colossus. In the roomy realm of natural colored gemstones, sapphires always hold the highest place. Sapphires are the closest representation of regal splurge. Entitled as the most elite gemstone of the world, sapphires, in general, are regarded as the birthstone of September month. Though, on the astrological ground, different colors of this stone are associated with different planets, making each one assign to a different zodiac sign. With the widest color segment, natural sapphires surely deserve a check. So if you are also up for the world of glorious gems, you are heading to the absolute right place. Today we are discussing here the most loved part of gemstones i.e., Sapphires. Listed below are some popular as well as less popular members of the sapphire family, you can pick your desired ones anytime. 

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire gem, also known as Neelam Ratna, is an extremely precious stone of the corundum mineral family. Owing to the supernatural cosmic powers, the Natural Neelam stone holds the highest place in the astrological arena. It is entitled as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone out there. Due to its association with the furious planet Saturn, or Lord Shani, this blue stone carries some amazing healing properties with it, that tend to protect the owner from the very notorious sade Sati Dosha. As per Vedic science, it also proffers you with instant name, fame, good health, and wealth. 

                      Among all the penis of sapphire genealogy, Blue Sapphire is one of the highest desired birthstones of September month. The most sought-after quality blue sapphire stones are found in the Kashmir region of India. The dazzling blue hue and mesmerizing velvety appearance make Kashmir Neelam the ever best. Today, as the Kashmir mines are all depleted, these stones are now completely rare. So if you are planning to purchase them, make sure to buy certified blue sapphire from a trusted gemstone store

White Sapphire

Alike other sapphires, white sapphire also comes from the corundum mineral group. It is a highly transparent colorless precious gemstone that is often used as a substitute for precious diamonds. Astrologically, white sapphire is aligned with the planet of love, Venus, or Shukra Grah, and adorned to attain success in a creative venture and love life. 

                 The majority of this stone is mined from Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Tanzania. However, Sri Lanka is the best source of White Sapphire Gemstone as these gems are of exceptional clarity comes in notable size. Natural White Sapphire, otherwise known as Safed Pukhraj, comes with enormous benefits to its wearer. Besides professional prosperity and enhanced willpower, you avail a healthy progeny and enjoy blissful matrimony via Safed Pukhraj. 

Padparadscha Sapphire 

Padparadscha is an extremely rare and exclusive variety of sapphire stones. On the account of the distinctive orange and pink blend of colors, Real Padparadscha Sapphire is an immensely prepossessing gemstone, which is largely appreciated by jewelry designers and gem collectors around the globe. Aside from the breathtaking beauty, this precious gem carries some amazing astrological healing properties that are excessively effective in curing reproductive & urinary ailments and work wonders to increase mental focus. Besides promoting leadership abilities and it tends to enhance spirituality in one’s living. 

                                      From the price perspective, fine quality natural Padparadscha stone is measured as highly valuable. Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania are some of the well-known sources of this eye-chanting stone. Where Sri Lanka produces the finest array of padparadscha gems, Madagascar brings them in a little deep pink-orange shade, while the stones of Tanzania are slightly pinker in color than orange. Since in the real and pure version these sapphires are rarest, there are various sellers in the market who are selling synthetic or heat-treated stones in lieu of real ones. Henceforth, if you want to buy Padparadscha gemstone, make sure to buy it from a reliable gemstone store or prefer to only buy certified Padparadscha gemstone

Peach Sapphire 

Peach Sapphire gemstone is an eminently precious range of the sapphire clan. Chemically, being sapphire, peach is also a precious gem variety of the Corundum mineral group. With the stunning color segment and exceptional hardness, this pleasing stone is making its way into statement and fashion jewelries. With the underlying fact that the beautiful pastel shade pairs well with virtually any color, Peach sapphires were always there in vogue but for all other ranges of sapphires. The allure of delicious pastel orangy-pink tone got this gem a reigning trend and great popularity especially in bridal engagement ring bands from the year 2015. Since then, it has become a prominent harbinger of wedding shade and a reminder of the warmth of your love. 

Yellow Sapphire

With its remarkable healing properties, Yellow sapphire, aka Pukhraj Ratna, is a highly propitious member of the very auspicious Navratna group of nine gemstones. Since it is ruled by the planet Bhraspati or Lord Guru, it is recognized as Guru Ratna. With endless personal and professional benefits, Natural Pukhraj is highly valued in Vedic astrology. After Neelam, it is the second most popular birthstone of September month in terms of market share.    

       The beautiful yellow sapphire is amongst those few astrological gems that suit one and all and do not carry any negative influences upon anyone. Thus anyone can wear this natural beauty anytime and avail benefits out of it. Though it happens in various shades of yellow from pale and dark to light brownish hue, a bright lemon yellow color with good transparency, is recommended to fetch desired benefits. Out of all the origins, Sri Lankan yellow sapphires are of supreme quality and highly valued by astrologers. 

Pink Sapphire

As the name states, Pink Sapphire is an alluring pink gem of the Corundum mineral family. Where Vedic astrology, believe it to carry similar astrological effects as a Manik (Ruby) stone; Western astrology endorses it as of September month birthstone. It occurs in some beautiful shades of pink ranging from light pink to deep violetish pink. Due to the hypnotic rosy hue and exceptional hardness on the Mohs hardness scale, this pink stone is widely acknowledged as a jewelry gemstone. On the budget ground, pink sapphires count as an affordable alternative for rubies and Pink Diamonds. Where Ruby stone price varies anywhere between Rs. 10,000 per carat and may go as high as Rs. 1,00,000 depending on the color shade, carat weight, cut, clarity, and origin of the stone. While Natural Pink Sapphire costs you around Rs. 5,000 in the beginning and may touch the height of approx. Rs. 90,000 on the same criteria. 

Green Sapphire 

Green Sapphire is an exquisite green-colored precious stone that again comes from the same mineral family Corundum. As per Vedic astrology, it is ruled by the planet Mercury or Lord Budh and is highly praised for attaining positivity and calmness. The astrological powers of a natural green sapphire stone boost self-confidence, enhance concentration power, and improve the overall mental health of its owner. Thus this soothing green stone is considered an effective healing gemstone. 

             Together with healthy skin, wearing an original green sapphire stone aids you to cures psychological disorders. Apart from the renowned benefit of improving the concentration and intellect of a person, it functionally boosts the social communication skills of the wearer adds an improved meaning to their existence. However, only a handful of people know about the unique metaphysical traits and spiritual benefits of this gem, nowadays it is widely used in varied modern healing therapies. Though it is also found in Burma, Australia, Madagascar, and Tanzania, the best quality of green sapphires comes from Sri Lanka. 

Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire, otherwise termed as Khooni Neelam in Hindi, is a bluish-purple to the purplish pink-colored precious gemstone. Due to the color range, it is also known by the names ‘Violet Sapphire’ and ‘Plum Sapphire’. It is extremely popular as a jewelry stone in western countries and is widely used by prominent designers for crafting statement pieces of pendants, earrings, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

                In Vedic astromancy, it is measured to be the strongest variety of the Blue Sapphire, aka Neelam stones. With the strongest connection with the Karmic planet Saturn or Lord Shani, this beautiful gem is best regarded to aid its possessor during the notorious Sade Sati Dasha. Natural purple sapphire gemstone blesses you with the desired amount of self-confidence and promotes professional success. It also supports meditation and spiritual activities. Upon wearing in its purest form, Khooni Neelam effectively assists you to calm body & mind. 

Note:- Though sapphires are meant to be splendid all the time, these sizzling beauties do not suit one and all equally. Since different shades of sapphires are believed to be associated with different planets of the universe and thereby with the different sun signs. Henceforth, one should meet a learned astrologer before buying or wearing any gemstone because an imprecise piece of gemstone, color, combination, or carat weight can lead to several adverse consequences on personal, professional, and health grounds in one’s living. Therefore it is highly recommended to see an experienced astrologist, gemologist, or your medical consultant regarding the suitability of the stone. 

Sapphire:- The Endless Sphere 

Sapphires are not just stones, rather they themselves are a whole wide world to explore. The abovementioned were just a few of the many. Other than these, there also come about other types of sapphires, for instance, Orange Sapphire, Color Changing Sapphire, and Bi-color Sapphire. Where Orange Sapphire counts among the most desired and vibrant extremities of the Corundum family;  Color Changing Sapphire is a perfect representation of the gems of wonder. It is one of the highly exclusive categories of sapphire gems. Orange Sapphires are abundantly mined out of Burma, Australia, Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the US. Color Changing Sapphire, is renowned for its quick transformation of color in different contexts of lightning. At times, you will find them bluish to purplish while greens to reddish browns in a different zone of light conditions. 

               On the other hand, Bi-color Sapphire, also recognized as Pitambari, simultaneously take place as a popular sapphire member. They are one of their distinct kind of sapphires. This class of sapphires is generally acknowledged for their mystical fusion of two exotic colors. Natural Bi-color sapphire gemstones happen in a variety of color combinations, such as yellow-blue sapphires, blue-green sapphire, violet-blue sapphire, and yellow-green sapphire. These exceptionally rare sapphires are truly transfixing and a pleasure to behold. Their different yet delicate appearance is capable of adding a burst of fickle elegance to any range of jewelry at any point in time. Together with extraordinary beauty, these gems carry strong metaphysical properties and exhibit amazing astrological healing benefits.

Buy Certified Sapphire Gemstone 

As sapphires are an evergreen amaze for we humans by the family of natural gemstones, you can anytime pick one, or all, for yourself. You can also gift them to your near and dear ones as per the occasion, their birthdays, requirements, or simply consistent with their choice..! Although, while buying make sure you are up for buying the stone from an authentic source. For all those who are looking forward to buy real sapphires, it is highly advisable to ensure the authenticity of the stone. No matter if you are buying them online or from your local market, always ask for a certificate of originality from the seller and make sure that you are making the right purchase. 

                         For the widest range of 100% natural and authentic array of colored gemstones, you may also visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It holds the repute of being the most trusted gemstone store that merely deals in genuine gemstones. In order to maintain credibility and ensure customer satisfaction, they provide you with a certificate of authenticity from the global and independent gemstone testing agencies such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, Gubelin, and IGI. Along with an insured worldwide shipping facility, you also hold an option to avail yourself of 10 days of the easy return option. Explore the website now and locate the largest assortment of certified sapphires online for sale to the direct layman at the most reasonable price segment. So this festive season, have a safe sapphire buying..!

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