Sapphires vs Aquamarines:- The Furthest Face-Off

Posted on June 21st, 2022 06:46 PM

While exploring the realm of exotic colors, we can never pass over the presence of magnificent precious gemstones. Although Natural Gemstones occur in a variety of endless shades, says it, blue, green, red, or yellow; everyone has their own special. One such widely desired hue is blue. Blue is always an imperial color to treat all your special occasions. For all those blue lovers, we come up with a diversity of blue stones in the widest range of colored stones, for instance, blue sapphire, blue topaz, blue opal, blue Moonstone, blue spinel, blue tourmaline, blue zircon, iolite, aquamarine, Tanzanite, and Turquoise. 

                 Since you have a large list to pick from, you may choose your favorite stone via an authentic source that even facilitates you to buy gemstones online. However, be it an attire or a gemstone, before buying anything, one must have a detailed piece of knowledge about the same. Today we are having a pinpoint face-off battle between the two most alluring blues i.e., Sapphire and Aquamarine. Besides the astrological arena, both the blue gems are extremely popular in the jewelry-making industry too. If you are also trying to decode the difference between these two stunning stones, this quick guide may help you to decide between the two. 

For a regular layman, there is no major difference between blue sapphire and aquamarine, besides a slight variation in color, but there is. Featuring here are a few key differences that these two stones hold and you should certainly know. 

Aquamarine vs Blue Sapphire – 9 Major Differences 

1. Meaning 


Aquamarine stone is framed with the association of two words, Aqua + Marine, where ‘Aqua’ denotes water and ‘Marine’ signifies the Sea. Thus, this staggering stone is named after the color of seawater. Aquamarine holds a Hindi name as Beruj Ratna

Blue Sapphire 

While on the other hand, Blue is said as the color ‘Nela’ in Hindi. Henceforth, Blue Sapphire is known by the name Neelam Stone or Neela Pukhraj in Hindi. This fastest-acting stone designates the height of hope in the ancient celestial and medieval worlds. 

2. Origin 


Mines of Natural Aquamarine stones are found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, Burma, China, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, and the USA. While Brazil is a prominent source of premium quality aquamarine, Mozambique, Africa is a leading supplier of this stone in terms of quality. 

Blue Sapphire 

Blue sapphire gemstone mines have been located in the regions of India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, and the United States of America. The largest running range of Neelam stones comes primarily from Sri Lanka, which is later followed by Burma.  

3. On Chemical Ground 


Aquamarine is a semi-precious stone of the Beryl mineral group. Its chemical properties register a specific gravity between 2.6 to 2.8. Together with a diaphaneity of transparent to Opaque, it comes with a refractive index of 1.567 - 1.590, and a chemical formula of Be3Al2Si6O18+Fe. Aquamarine generally does not contain any noticeable inclusions.

Blue Sapphire 

Natural Blue sapphire is a highly precious penis of the mineral family corundum. It is an aluminum oxide mineral that happens with a refractive index of 1.762 to 1.770 (+0.009/-0.005). Although sapphires come in a variety of other colors, Al₂O₃ is the chemical formula of blue sapphire. You may find a little amount of inclusions in blue sapphires. 

4. Best Quality 


With exceptional and loupe-clean clarity, Brazil’s Santa Maria Aquamarines are the most sought-after variety in the whole wide range of Beruj Stones. Santa Maria Africana Aquamarine and Espirito Aquamarine of Brazil are other premium varieties of this stone that are known for fine color and remarkable clarity. Simultaneously, with notable transparency, Sri Lankan Aquamarine stones also grab a fair reputation in the gemstone market. 

Blue Sapphire 

The premium quality of blue sapphires is mainly originated out of the Kashmir region of India. However, since these mines are now depleted, Burma is the next best origin of this stone. On the quality scale, the Blue sapphires of Madagascar and Sri Lanka rank at third and fourth positions respectively. Nevertheless, owing to the royal blue and super velvety texture, Kashmir Neelam is always rated highest on the grade chart. 

The world of gems is not just alluring but also giant. Similarly, the above-mentioned were only some of the basic differences that a blue sapphire and aquamarine stone hold, there are much more to explore. Let us recce the remaining comparison criteria such as color segment, price differentiation, astrological perspective, and who should wear in the next segment of this article Neelam vs Beruj:- Which to Choose..?

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