How to remove scratches from a gemstone ring?

Posted on May 30th, 2023 03:07 PM

For jewelry lovers, gemstone rings and jewelry are not only accessories—they are constant companions. Unfortunately, your favourite gemstone can have scratches on it.  Don’t worry, we are there to help! Because we know simply washing your gemstone won't do anything about removing scratches from a gemstone ring and jewelry.

How Can Gemstones Get Scratches?

Yes, gemstones, including tough Yellow sapphire stone, are not immune to scratches. However, a gemstone's hardness is one of its most important characteristics. It determines how much a gemstone may be susceptible to scratching and whether it is damage-resistant.

The Mohs hardness scale ranks gemstones between 1 and 10, based on the mineral. Diamonds, with a hardness value of 10, are at the very top of this scale. Diamonds can scratch diamonds, but they cannot be scratched by anything else. Compared to diamonds, gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, and tanzanite have a relatively lower hardness rating. While amber and pearl are the softest gemstones, with respective hardness ratings of only 4 and 2.

How do Gemstones get Scratches?

A gemstone's surface may be scratched by a variety of factors. Some of the more frequent explanations are listed below.

Hard Objects Encounters

Gemstones are often used in jewelry; however, they can easily become scratched if they come into contact with other hard materials like metal or glass. Scratches can also be caused by some abrasive substances, such as dirt or sand.

Friction of Hands or Garments

Scratches on gemstones can also be caused by accidental rubbing from hands or clothing. Scratches made by this method are typically shallower than those made by other objects.

Involvement of chemicals

Scratching can also be caused by chemical reactions on some gemstones. Softer gemstones are more prone to this problem.

Destructive cleaning techniques

Gemstones are sometimes cleaned with bleach or other chemicals that are too harsh for their delicate surfaces. This is another way to remove scratches from a gemstone ring .

Gemstone Setting

It's possible for the gemstone's surface to get scratched when it's used in jewellery. Using the wrong tools during the configuration process typically causes this. The gemstone setting requires the use of specific equipment and methods.

How to Remove Scratches from a Gemstone's Ring?

You don’t need to replace the gemstone because of these superficial scratches. In some cases, these blemishes can be removed with the help of the right equipment and methods. It is essential, however, that specifically designed scratch-removal tools and techniques be used. Some of these techniques include:

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

The gemstone can be cleaned using ultrasonic waves of extremely high frequency. The gem is cleaned by being submerged in a mixture of water and solvent fluid. You can remove scratches from a gemstone ring and jewelry by the ultrasonic sound waves.


A polishing cloth or compound can be used to restore a stone's smooth surface after it has been scratched.



Gemstones can be polished or buffed with this method of a revolving wheel and buffing compounds over a cloth. This method is very useful for repairing highly scratched stones and removing scratches from a gemstone ring and jewelry.


Steam Cleaning

Gemstones can be cleaned with high-pressure steam cleaning. If debris or dirt are the reason for the scratches, the steam can help to remove scratches from a gemstone ring and jewelry.

steam cleaning

Heating Treatment

Scratches on gemstones can also be reduced with heat treatment. The gem is cooked to a precise temperature in a furnace. The heat will soften the stone's surface enough to remove scratches from a gemstone ring and jewelry.

It is important to remember, however, that not all gemstones can be heated. After treatment, some stones may or may not lose their natural lustre or colour.

heating treatment

Tips to Protect Your Gemstone

Prevention is always better than treatment. To keep your gemstone jewelry from getting scratched, consider the following:

  • When not in use, keep your jewelry safe in a velvet jewellery pouch or box. This will protect your jewelry from being scratched by other jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while doing heavy-duty chores like gardening or cleaning if you plan to wear it daily. Your jewelry may get scratched if you do any of these things.
  • When working with strong chemicals or solvents, it's best to remove your jewelry. The surface of your jewelry contacting chemicals and solvents can accentuate scratches.
  • Avoid using chemicals or solvents on your gemstone. Use a mild soap and water solution instead. Scratches can be caused by using brushes with stiff bristles, so it's better to avoid them.
  • Do not wear your jewelry when doing any sort of cleaning or dishwashing.

Tell Me How Much It Will Cost To The Scratches Removed From My Gemstone Ring

If your jewelry features a diamond or other costly gemstone, you should have it repaired by a jeweller. They can use their specialised equipment and skills to restore your jewelry to its initial glow. Remove scratches from a gemstone ring and gemstone jewelry service range in price depending on the gemstone's rarity and the depth of the damage. 


You may protect your gemstone jewelry from scratches by taking the preceding measures. If your jewelry is scratched, you should have it repaired by a jeweller. Scratch removal costs will differ from gemstone to gemstone and also depend on the severity of the scratches.

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