Morganite vs Peach Sapphire: Which One Will You Prefer?

Peach sapphire v/s morganite
Posted on July 20th, 2023 06:32 PM

Both peach sapphire and morganite stones are known for their captivating hues. With colored gemstones getting popular for engagement rings or astrological benefits, these gemstones have caught the attention of gem lovers. This blog entails the difference between two of these exquisite stones on certain factors.  

The Beautiful Color

 Peach sapphire is also called champagne sapphire. A blend of orange, gold, yellow and pink gives a stunning look to the stone that suits all skin types. Peach sapphires are sometimes considered Padparadscha sapphires owing to the resemblance of the color. But, both these gemstones are different. The relevant factor is the color difference. Another gemstone that is compared based on color with this peach-colored stone is morganite. The slight difference is the color range from pink, rose, salmon and peach. 

Morganite vs Pink Sapphire

Clarity Factor 

 Like any other gemstone, clarity is the utmost factor for peach sapphires. This is because the blend of pastel shades is easy to catch attention, and inclusions can be widely seen. These inclusions can make the stone look dull. On the other hand, faceted morganite does not show inclusions (not visible to the naked eye), making it a perfect choice for unique engagement rings.  

Symbolism Matters 

 Though both the gemstones exhibit vivid feminine hues, the symbolism differs. Morganite symbolizes compassion, peace and joy, while peach sapphires represent love, acceptance and creativity. 

Perfect on Hardness

 Sapphires are harder, ranking nine on the Moh's scale. Compared to this, morganite rank 7.5 to 8, making the stone more susceptible to breakage when not taken care of. Peach Sapphires are indeed the perfect choice for rings owing to their hardness. Peach sapphire rings are beautiful adornments that can be worn daily. Moreover, these stones from the Corundum family are high on stability. This factor allows sapphire to resist the effects of light, heat and chemicals.  

Which Family each belongs to? 

 Peach sapphire gemstone belongs to the corundum family. The mineral corundum is generally composed of elements like oxygen and aluminum. On the contrary, natural morganite stones are from the beryl family, consisting of elements like beryllium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen. Pure beryl is goshenite, and with trace elements of manganese, the stone displays pastel hues and is called morganite.   

Morganite gemstone

Gemstone Jewelry: Which Stone is More Fascinating? 

 Morganite and peach sapphire jewelry has been popular nowadays owing to their beautiful and irresistible feminine hue. Peach sapphire jewelry is known for its perfect blend of hues. The peach sapphire engagement ring looks adorable with yellow gold metal as the stone's multiple hues ( a tint of yellow and golden hue) complement the warm yellow tone of the metal. With customized rings on your card like that done at Navratan, one can increase the beauty and the value of a peach sapphire ring with the addition of diamonds. 

Moreover, at Navratan, the online gem bazar, each peach sapphire stone is certified so that one gets the premium quality of stones. On the other hand, Morganite engagement rings are popular nowadays for their light, subtle shade. The morganite gem, for its inclusion free, is loved as it gives a perfect look, while peach sapphires are valued for their amazing hardness. 

Peach gemstone

However, choosing between peach sapphire and morganite stones is quite difficult. It's always the personal preference that matters. Though both the gemstones look stunning, those looking for stones that are beautiful and have perfect hardness at the same time, then one must go for peach sapphires. However, some also prefer inclusion-free stones; morganite stones accented with precious stones can be a perfect choice. Whatever the choice, it is always important to get certified gemstones from an authenticated gem dealer. 

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