Moonstone - Substitute of Pearl

Posted on July 4th, 2024 06:18 PM

Often, people ask Which stone is a substitute for a Pearl? Because original pearls (Moti Ratan) can be hard to find or can go over budget. It is one of the Navratans and is valuable because of its beauty and astrological significance. Being a stone of the Moon, these gems bring calmness, serenity, grace, protection and feminine energies. 

Similar to Moti is Moonstone, its ultimate alternative. 

If you are not able to find a Pearl that suits you but needs the soothing energies of the Moon or Chandra Dev in your life, a Moonstone will be the perfect gem for you. 

What is Moonstone?

It is a semi-precious gemstone of the feldspar group, a popular stone because of its beauty and benefits. The stone looks like the moon which is why it is given its name. 

In Hindi, it is known as the Chandrakantmani or Chandramani, which means the jewel of the moon. And in Greek, it was famously known by the name Selenite because its name comes from the Greek word Selene. 

Why Pearl is a Substitute of Moonstone?

As per Vedic astrology, nine gemstones are the most powerful, one of which is the Pearl. The ruling planet of Moti gem is the Moon, and so of Chandrakantmani, as the name suggests. 

Chandramani is also ruled by the planet Moon and is beneficial for the Cancer (Karka Rashi) zodiac sign to wear. Since both the gems take the energies from the Moon, Chandrakantmani can be used as the alternative to Pearls. It will soothe the mind and bring you calmness. 

Know the many benefits and healing properties of Chandramani here - Moonstone Meaning and Benefits.

What Is A Good Substitute For Pearl?

Chandrakantmani or Moon Stone is the only substitute for pearl stones. There is no other alternative. 

You can easily use the Moonstone alternative for pearl; it is a good and dynamic stone. This lustrous gem is just as alluring as the Moti stones. Found in many colours, it will add elegance to your look and bring you luck and fortune as well. 

Plus, one more advantage of wearing it over a Moti is that they are harder than Pearls. Moti gems have a hardness of 2.5 to 4.5 on Moh’s scale, while an original Chandramani has a hardness of 6. That means, the latter will be much more durable and can be worn frequently than the Moti Ratans. 

Pearl and Moonstone

What is a Pearl Substitute as per Western Astrology? 

Moonstone. Yes, again. Even in Western astrology, Chandrakantmani is believed to be the alternative to Moti gemstones. Both the stones are June birthstones and can be used alternatively. These birthstones of June are believed to bestow a long life upon its wearer. Bringing prosperity, they channel beauty, transformation and creativity to their wearer. 

Why Wear a Moonstone? 

A Chandramani Stone is a healing stone that will protect you from negative energies and help you heal physically and emotionally. It is a gem of emotional balance and serenity. It helps to clear your mind, make better decisions and overcome past life trauma. It is often advised to wear a Moonstone ring, pendant or bracelet if you want to reap its maximum benefits. 

As per ancient people, Both of these gems are believed to be the moon’s solidified form. 

Pearl Vs Moonstone - Which is Better? Why?

It depends highly on your intention of wearing the stone and your budget. 

In case, you want to bring the blessings of the Moon upon yourself and want more powers, you should choose the precious stone Pearl. This Navratan will be better for you since it is more potent than Moon stone. 

However, if you are looking to enhance your powers and want healing crystal within your budget, Chandramani will be your go-to gem. The price of moonstone ranges between INR 500 to 10,000 per carat based on its quality. 

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