Lucky Stone for Pisces female| Meen Rashi Stone

Lucky stone for Pisces female| Meen Rashi Stone
Posted on May 31st, 2024 05:49 PM

Pisces (Meen rashi) individuals are born between February 19 and March 20. Females born under this zodiac sign are dreamy, intuitive and compassionate. They are creative and have a deep sense of empathy. Pisces females are highly emotional and thus are carried away with negative energies sometimes. Surroundings influence them, and people can mislead them. Lucky stone for pisces female help them tackle these issues. In this blog, we will refer to some of these gemstones so that Meena Rashi women can face challenges in life with more power and grace.

Meena Rashi Stone Colour

Colour therapy and astrology are interrelated. It is believed that different colours possess amazing energy that influences the chakras of the body. If your chakras are balanced, there is a constant energy flow in the body. Thus, it promotes the overall well-being of an individual. While talking about zodiac signs, these power colours bring calming and relaxing effects to individuals. Meena rashi stone colour is sea green, which is closely related to the hue of an ocean. Incorporating this colour in your jewelry can benefit you with soothing energy. Other lucky colours for this rashi are blue, yellow, orange and pink. If you talk about gemstones, lets see which one exhibits this colour.

Lucky Stone for Pisces Female

Each zodiac has its lucky stone, which helps the individuals born under it get many benefits. For Pisces women, these are some of the natural gemstones that can help them amplify their strengths. Aquamarine stone is the best stone for Pisces; let's see how:


Known as Beruj Ratna in Hindi, the aquamarine stone is the best gemstone for Meena rashi. It is also the birthstone for Pisces in Western astrology. This March birthstone features a bluish-green hue reminiscent of the ocean. Original Beruj stone is a strong healer. It helps calm the mind and reduce stress. Since individuals born under Meen rashi are said to be emotional, wearing an aquamarine ring on the middle finger of the right hand provides them emotional stability. It also offers health benefits like those related to the thyroid and respiratory system.

Other Gemstones for Meen Rashi

Other Gemstones for Meen Rashi

1. Amethyst

This purple stone is referred to as Katela in Hindi. The purple-violet hues of this stone, for meen rashi, are linked to positivity and tranquillity. It enhances creativity, mental clarity and wisdom. If you are a Pisces female who is working in any profession related to art and creativity, such as music, design, theatre or fashion, this is the best gemstone for you. Wearing a Amethyst stone helps enhance your creativity and imagination so you excel in your profession. Amethyst is the Meen rashi lucky stone as it protects the wearer from negative energy. So, if you are a working professional facing issues such as psychic attacks, stress or anxiety, this Ratna is beneficial for you. You can wear this Meen Rashi Stone on Saturday morning to harness maximum benefits. 

2. Yellow Sapphire

As per Vedic astrology, meena rashi is governed by the planet Jupiter, and thus, the suitable ratna for the same is yellow sapphire. It is also known as Pukhraj in Hindi. It helps Pisces females gain wisdom, intelligence, and intuition. Wearing this meena rashi lucky stone strengthens women who are studying or want to make their career. It helps to enhance their focus and concentration, allowing them to achieve their goals. Pukhraj is the lucky stone for pisces female as it brings prosperity in married life. Wearing it as a ring helps you to find a good groom and have peace and happiness in life. 

3. Red Coral

Red Coral or Moonga can help bring professional success for Meen Rasi individuals. It stimulates leadership qualities. For women in professions such as athletes, police or more where physical stamina is required, wearing a Laal Moonga can be beneficial. It is also a suitable gemstone for Pisces females who are in business. The powerful energy of this Ratna empowers one to take risks and get over business-related risks. 

4. Citrine

This orange-yellow stone is a perfect grounding stone that allows one to remain stable. Wearing citrine jewelry helps meena rashi females to remain stable in their decisions and does not get carried away with emotions. Since women of this zodiac are believed to be introverted, adorning a citrine stone helps them to communicate and express themselves properly. You can wear this Meen Rashi Stone on Thursday morning.

How to wear Pisces Ring Stone

-It is essential to wear the gem in the correct metal. This is because it amplifies the properties of the stone. Since aquamarine is the lucky stone for pisces female, silver is the correct metal. Crafting this gem in silver helps strengthen the calming properties of the blue-green gem. Silver in itself is worn to provide serenity to the wearer. 

-Wear the ring on the middle finger of the right hand if you are a working woman, otherwise you can wear it on the same finger of the left hand. 

-The best time and day is Thursday in the early morning.

-Perform the Prana Pratishta ritual before wearing this Meen Rashi Stone. You can get more information about how to perform it in our blog: How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones?

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