Is a Ruby a Sapphire?

Is a Ruby a Sapphire
Posted on June 9th, 2023 05:26 PM

Sapphires and Rubies, both gemstone varieties, belong to the corundum mineral family, the crystalline form of Aluminum Oxide with other trace elements present. Even though the mineral composition is the same, they are two different gemstone varieties. 

People often get confused and ask - “is ruby the same as sapphire?” Or “Are rubies and sapphires the same”?

Scientifically, they have the same composition but are classified differently, so Rubies and Sapphires are not the same; they have many differences and a few similarities. In this blog, we will discuss about the distinction that will help you know more about Sapphire and Ruby stones

Let’s start by learning the most basic definitions and properties of the Rubies and Sapphires.

What are Rubies?

What are Rubies

A ruby is a stone with a chemical composition of aluminum Oxide. It gets its red hue from the presence of Chromium, the central coloring element of rubies. Rubies are costly and valuable gemstones because of their shade, shine, astrological significance, healing properties, and rarity.

Also, the stone's hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale makes it quite a durable gemstone, only second to diamonds (10 hardness). 

The blood red hue of the gem is eye-catching, which is often known as a color of blood and heart hence it is believed that ruby is a gem of love and commitment. The color ranges from deep blood red to pigeon blood red. It is also found in lighter shades of red and pinkish tones. The most desirable rubies are the ones that are found in deep red hues with no blackish or pinkish overtones. Burma ruby stone are primarily famous for their best quality. 

As per cultural beliefs, rubies symbolize passion, authority, and power. They are treasured gemstones that represent royalty and power. It is believed that this red gem brings the blessings of the Sun to its user. It helps strengthen the heart, balances the emotions, protects the spirit, and increases the vitality of the person.

Because of the traditional beliefs and beauty of these gems, they are very much in demand. The price of ruby stones ranges between INR 2,000 to 50,000 per carat based on its quality. 

What is Sapphires?

What are Sapphires

A sapphire gemstone also belongs to the corundum mineral family, which means it is a crystalline form of Aluminum Oxide. However, the coloring elements of sapphires are titanium, iron, nickel, and Chromium. So, sapphires are found in many colors, such as pink, green, purple, blue, yellow, etc. The most loved sapphire gemstone in the world is the Blue sapphire

Blue Sapphires are one of the longest-known gemstones on Earth. They are rare and expensive because of their demand in the market. These gems are exceptional in beauty and, with a hardness of 9, durable as well. They also have historical and cultural significance. 

It is believed that an original blue sapphire is astrologically connected to the planet Saturn and is the fastest-acting gemstone. The calming vibes of the stone bring you mental clarity and peace, and its energies will help you achieve name and wealth. 

Royal blue and Cornflower Blue sapphire are the most expensive. They are used to make beautiful jewelry, such as pendants, rings, and bracelets. 

Indeed, Yellow sapphires are also expensive and are known to bring the person success, wisdom, knowledge, and intellect. Hence, it is often recommended that people in the education and research fields wear it. 

Rubies Vs Sapphires - Similarities

Rubies vs Sapphires

Ruby and Sapphire belong to the same mineral family. They both are made of Aluminium oxide and formed under extreme heat and pressure conditions under the Earth. They have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes them both very durable materials. 

Indeed, ruby and sapphire gemstones are widely known for their beauty and benefits. They are both highly in demand and are used to make jewelry and decorative items. Their rich history and traditional importance add to their value. 

Ruby and blue sapphires are also the longest-known gemstones. Additionally, according to Vedic astrology, Blue sapphire, and ruby stones are both Navaratans, one of the nine gems considered to be most potent and transformative. 

Ruby Vs Sapphire - Differences

Are rubies and sapphires the same? Well, both are prized gemstones worldwide, very popular and valuable because of their scarcity, beauty, and historical significance. 

As mentioned above, they have some similarities, but they are classified differently. Below are the major points by which the two are distinguished. 

Color and Trace Elements 

What sets them apart is their fascinating colors. 

The distinctive hues of the gems are caused by the abundance of their trace elements of tiny components that are present inside the structure of the crystals. These colors are the significant difference in setting rubies apart from sapphire stones.  

The rubies have a rich red hue which comes from the presence of Chromium in it. A good amount of Chromium will bring the red hue. There are iron, titanium and other elements as well, but their quantity is very low. The crimson and red hues come solely from the high amount of Chromium in the gem. These stones don't go in any other shades. 

Sapphire gemstones come in a variety of hues, including blue, yellow, green, pink, and purple. They change color when the quantity of one element is greater than the other or in a mixed percentage. The blue Sapphire gets its blue from both iron and titanium. Nickel, vanadium, and chromium quantities will vary and can lead to a change in color or give an overtone. 

Rarity and Popularity 

Both gems are trendy and rare, although rubies are more often seen as stones of power, and so are more in demand. Their value is sometimes even more than that of diamonds of the same size. The red hue is very catching and is the color of love, so people use rubies as engagement rings these days to show their passion, love, and commitment. 

Astrological Significance 

As per Vedic astrology, the ruby is the stone of the Sun, so wearing this gem will bring you positive traits and blessings of Lord Surya. It will bring you individuality, boldness, fierceness, and warmth. The ruby is believed to treat any problems related to the heart, purify the blood, remove toxic substances, and regulate the circulatory system.  

Sapphires, on the other hand, are ruled by different planets. For example, Blue Sapphire is the stone of Saturn, which represents karmic lessons, wealth, royalty, and manifestation. Yellow sapphire is the stone of Jupiter, which brings success, wealth, wisdom, and faith. Green Sapphire is associated with mercury, which opens the Heart chakra, brings love, and enhances communication skills. 


Traditionally, as per Western astrology, the ruby is the birthstone of July. On the other hand, the sapphires are the birthstones of September


Ques. Are Sapphire and Ruby the same thing?

Ans. Ruby and sapphires have the same mineral family, but their hues are different, and trace elements are different as well. So, they are classified as two distinct varieties of gemstones. 

Ques. Why is Ruby not called a red sapphire?

Ans. Ruby is the only corundum variety that has its own name. There is no particular reason for it scientifically, though the significance of ruby stones and color trace elements are different, which might be the reason. 

Ques. Which is more expensive, ruby or Sapphire?

Ans. Both are equally valuable and expensive, but the price is mainly based on the quality of the particular stone. The quality is measured by its cut, color, clarity, and weight.

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