Hollywoods Celebrities Love for Emerald Stones or Rings

Posted on August 22nd, 2023 05:42 PM

The world of Hollywood celebrities is not untouched by gemstones' magical beauty. These popular celebrities have shown their love for these nature’s wonder by defining their style and glamour in the public appearance, on the red carpet, and more. The majestic appeal is unmatched, whether it's the captivating sapphire jewelry, the forever love for diamonds, the iconic vivid ruby pieces, or the embellishments with green emeralds. All the gemstones have significance and are loved by the wearer as per personal choice. Emerald stones have always gained the limelight. In this blog, we will discuss some of these popular celebrities wearing emerald rings or gemstones. 

Emerald stone Enchantment: The Elegance of Splendid Hue 

The vivid green hue of these gemstones has long represented luxury and opulence. The gemstone's beauty, in the words of the famous author, Pliny, the Elder, goes as nothing green greener. The calming and soothing effect of the gemstone on the eyes of the early lapidaries showcases the significance of the stone. The emerald green color helps relieve eye strain and is still known for the same. Ancient history defines the stone as the symbol of royalty. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, had an obsession with emerald stone, adorning herself and her palace with the beautiful stone. The color of the stone reflects freshness and new beginnings. The popularity of these gemstones since ancient times has evolved with time. The Hollywood celebrities named below beautifully adorn the gemstones of kings and queens. 

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Celebrities love for Emeralds or Panna Stone 

Here are some celebrities known for embracing these amazing green-colored gemstones. 

Actress Elizabeth Taylor 

The famous actress Elizabeth Taylor and her fascination for gemstones have gained much fame, with the celebrity flaunting them on various occasions. The actress was fond of these precious gemstones (particularly emeralds) and was driven by the craftsmanship of these pieces. The Colombian emerald necklace with sparkling diamonds was a splendid jewelry piece by the actress. The emerald and diamond brooch and the emerald engagement ring were among the actress's most iconic gemstone jewelry pieces in her collection. The dazzling jewelry of the world’s famous actress highlights her love for the splendid colored stones. 

elizabeth taylor

Angelina Jolie 

Precious gemstones' beauty is enhanced even more with their incorporation in breathtaking designs. Celebrities, however, have gracefully managed to showcase the amazing beauty of these stones at many events. One of the Hollywood sensations, Angelina Jolie, stole the show at the 2009 Oscars with her emerald drop earrings. An epitome of elegance, these green emerald earrings were paired with a black ensemble by the actress. The emerald jewelry with black outfit perfectly matched, highlighting that simplicity and classiness go hand in hand. 

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angelina jolie

Actress Halle Berry 

The American actress Helle Berry is a perfect example of a celebrity wearing an emerald ring. This unique engagement ring of popular celebrity features a four-carat green emerald beautifully crafted in 18K yellow gold. The natural Colombian emerald stone in the center is the true showstopper with an incredible hue and clarity. The beauty of the center gemstone is enhanced with the diamonds making their sparkling presence as side stones. This beautiful emerald ring is perfect to match any outfit of choice (even with a monochromatic dress) 

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halle berry

Sofia Vergara 

The famous Colombian American actress Sofia Vergara's appearance at the Emmy Awards 2013 with statement jewelry stole the spotlight like no other. The Colombian emerald earrings hanging from her lobes add a contrasting style to her dazzling evening dress. This amazing combination of outfits and jewelry perfectly exemplifies how contrasting colors add uniqueness. 

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sofia vergara

Zoe Kravitz

Emerald jewelry for women, the caption perfectly suits many of the celebrities showcasing their love for this beautiful green gemstone during the Golden Globe Awards 2018. The all-black ensemble of Zoe Kravitz was accompanied by the stylish and contemporary look of her emerald earrings. The Colombian emeralds were all set in black jade, emphasizing their beauty to the next level. 

zoe kravitz

Taylor Swift 

The amazing collection of the 2023 Grammy Award winner displays her love for emerald gemstones. The one-of-a-kind jewelry collection of the famous celebrity features a diamond and Colombian emerald bib necklace and earrings. This beautiful emerald statement jewelry in 18K white gold has an attention-grabbing look. 

taylor swift

Isabelle Huppert 

The renowned French actress Isabelle Huppert sported diamond and emerald earrings at the 2017 BAFTA Awards. The beautiful jewelry piece features a cascade of diamond stars with a pear-shaped emerald hanging at the end. These gorgeous pair of drop earrings are a perfect example of how a dazzling colored stone be complimented with stunning accent diamonds. 

isabelle huppert

To conclude, natural green emerald gemstones are not only vibrant stones but are also associated with a deep significance. The green emerald jewelry worn by most celebrities at various events explicitly explains why emerald stones are popular. These gemstones offered vitality, growth, peace, and rebirth. The beauty of the green emerals stones does not just inspire many Hollywood celebrities but also carries a symbolism of personal style. 

The timeless beauty of emeralds has redefined jewelry fashion, adding a captivating tale of endless allure, sophistication, and elegance. The admirers of this fascinating green gemstone have turned up the traditional love of diamonds. Though diamonds are still the favorites, with modern tastes and preferences, colored gemstones add charm to the picture. 

After seeing the most loved gemstones among Hollywood celebrities, one must look for the price of emerald stone. Emeralds are one of the best choices for every outfit and jewel. The impressive green color of the stone and fair durability contribute to the aesthetics of the jewelry. 

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