Unveiling the Hidden Powers of Gemstone Jewelry

Posted on June 6th, 2023 03:27 PM
Life has its own ups and downs, and we need to first accept that. In fact, the chances of overwhelming suffering, physical or mental stigma turn increasing with age. However, this does not mean recovery is impossible. Interested in knowing about how to heal with crystals? Read on.

To embrace your personal flair

Gemstones are exquisite in beauty and can bespoke even the simplest outfit. This ageless and versatile gemstone jewelry piece can complete any look with a unique style. You just need to make sure that the gemstone jewelry you pick is filled with your personal taste and charisma. Own a jewelry piece that has been delicately crafted and has one of the idyllic gemstones.

Nurture good vibes

Each gemstone has its own unique therapeutic significance. Select a gemstone that reflects the power of the planet. It must resonate with your profound needs in terms of energy and be meticulously planned according to its therapeutic properties. This will promote your well-being and health consciousness.

Used as medication

Gems radiate magical energies that build mental clarity and self-awareness. They work towards enlightening hidden features of personality and bestowing the quality of making perfect choices in life. This is helping us to meditate and intensify the level of confidence we need to attract great changes in our lives.

Serve as a constant reminder

Every gemstone has a unique meaning. Jewelry with a meaningful gemstone can help you manifest your deepest affirmations and aspirations. Wearing gemstone jewelry can be a great way to remind yourself of your goals and urge you to take action to achieve them, to live a more fulfilling life.

Enhance inner peace

Stress and self-doubt are all feelings that require improvisation in daily life. Wearing jewelry made from calming gemstones helps to improve all three aspects of life: the body, mind, and soul. These gemstones enable us to focus and find peace of mind during stressful or upsetting situations. In addition, carrying a particular gemstone jewelry can help you heal and experience physical and emotional benefits.

Shield against evil

Gemstones are a powerful shield to protect against evil, which is one of their key advantages. Natural calamities and negative energy can be a few examples of this. Wearing a crystal can shield you and reduce mental health issues.

Benefits and career opportunities

The protective properties of the gemstones are paired with their ability to replace negative energy and promote positive energy. It transforms the wearer's confidence, ambition, and creativity. The jewel enhances intuition and brings fame, fortune, and praise, which go a long way for your career.

Improves Relationship

Gemstones can strengthen any kind of bond, whether it's with a close friend, a loved one, or even oneself. The gemstone nurtures and strengthens the bonds of trust, loyalty, and affection.

These are the most significant health benefits of this gemstone jewelry:

  • Enhance stamina and vitality.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Strengthen bones, the heart, the immune system, and the neurological system.
  • It reduces UV radiation's harmful effects.

It was never so easy to refine your taste with magnificent jewelry items, especially until you experienced the magic of glittering gemstone jewelry. Along with being just an eye-catching gemstone jewelry piece, their value extends beyond casual investment. Here are the various crystals meant for healing. Read more to know.

rose quartz

This alluring crystal healer is a form of the mineral quartz. It has been considered a significant remedy since the Middle Ages. Today, it is widely recognized and accepted as an effective crystal for repairing the heart chakra. It charges the energy center associated with self-love and others too. Rose quartz promotes mental equilibrium, removes emotional blockages, and synchronizes the heart and throat chakras. It is also believed that rose quartz may also improve skin complexion and nurture youth.



Amethysts are known to bring feelings of calm and tranquillity. These crystal healers are recommended to ease your stress and discomfort. Metaphysical crystal practitioners also believe that crystals absorb negative energy and create a space of tranquillity. It possesses protective and restorative qualities. The sheer color of this Amethyst gemstone has influenced many civilizations of people in accordance with spirituality and religion. It has also impacted physical and metaphysical properties throughout the centuries.



A stone known for "new beginnings", promotes inner growth and strength. It upsurges emotional stability and calmness. Moonstone boosts intuition, inspires inspiration, and nurtures good fortune. For centuries, it has been believed to heal degenerative disorders of the skin, hair, and eyes. While it is wonderful to relieve PMS and get pregnant since it helps regulate hormones and stimulates your glands. Moonstones also help men stay connected to their feelings.



This wisdom stone is known for each color possessing particular wisdom. This releases mental stress, depression, negative thoughts, and confusion. Blue Sapphire restores balance within the body, aligning with the physical, mental, and spiritual zones. This stone brings serenity and peace of mind. Its generic healing properties include happiness and joy. Sapphire is also known as a "stone of prosperity", attracting all subjective matters while filling dreams and desires.



Aquamarine gemstone is the deep subconscious of the soul. It upsurges peace and strength by putting one's trust in the universe and letting go of control. By wearing it, you may also become inclined towards meditation practice. It also works as a protective stone when worn by sailors. People who want to explore spirituality or their higher selves will find a connected spirit in this stone, as it helps them stay connected with their inner spirituality. Blue and shiny, the symmetrical gemstone is often linked with the ocean and the sky.


turquoise stone

Having turquoise stones can help in miscellaneous ways. This stone is associated with the throat chakra, enhancing self-expression and communication. In addition to being a powerful healing tool, chakra alignment provides significant benefits. The healing properties of turquoise include easing emotional blockages and healing the wearer by forgiving and loving themselves more freely. It has a calming effect on the emotions. Turquoise stones are very effective stones to use. The wooden element in Feng Shui is represented by the colors blue and green. When blended with Turquoise gemstone, it nurtures generosity, expansion, and renewal. Bringing in some blue or green crystals, like turquoise, will help get the wood energy flowing in your home. If you want to attract the benefits of the wood element into your life, turquoise can be the best gemstone to help. 


ruby stone

Ruby inspires zeal and enthusiasm for living. It helps one stay inspired and achieve goals. It restores equilibrium and enhances self-assurance.  This stone is for joy, spontaneity, love, and bravery. Ruby is a protective and intense love stone. It volumizes the force of life; Ruby gemstone is all about upsurging energy levels.
At Navratan, our creative jewelry curates classic jewel pieces with a contemporary twist and awestruck designs that fetch joy to fingers and necks. And also, it is easy to start your gemstone journey by getting gemstone jewelry which is your birthstone. The birthstone with a handcrafted design can lift the look by making a personal statement. We are here to help you to pick a design that complements your personality and needs.

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