Hessonite Jewelry: The Latest Gemstone Craze

Natural Hessonite-Gomed gemstone ring
Posted on December 6th, 2022 07:18 PM

Gomed stone in English is called Hessonite stone and is a semi-precious ratna. This gem has gained popularity for its amazing color and astrological benefits. The reddish-brown hue of this stone is unique and goes with every outfit, from casual to formal wear. Thus, incorporating these finest gems in any form of jewelry showcases its versatility and timeless appeal. In context to the same, this blog gives you an insight into the fascination of this stone among jewelry enthusiasts and astrologers. 

What is a Hessonite Stone? 

The chemical formula of Gomedhikam stone is calcium aluminum silicate. This comes from the grossular garnet mineral family and features a reddish-brown color. It is considered different from the common garnet as Gomed showcases a blend of colors, whereas garnet occurs in a pure reddish hue. This semi-precious stone has a high refractive index, and transparency ranges from high to medium level. The hardness of this gem is fair, making it resistant to wear and tear. Thus, with a fair hardness of 6.5-7 ranking on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is a suitable stone for jewelry. The amazing color of Hessonite is golden to reddish brown, due to which it is often called "cinnamon stone" (resemblance to cinnamon oil), which is another reason why it is preferred as a perfect stone for jewelry

The Allure of Hessonite Jewelry 

Gomed Ratna features a characterized color ranging from golden honey to deep cinnamon tones. The internal glow of this gem sets it apart from the rest of the colored stones. The brightness of the color is eye-catching, making it one of the finest stones for jewelry. The earthy tones of this semi-precious Ratna go with every metal. Silver, gold, platinum whatever the metal tone is the color complements each of these. If you want high-end jewelry, incorporating Gomed in the center along with precious metals like white gold is just one of the budget-friendly choices. Since the color is exotic, it goes well with contrasting colors like yellow or green. Diamond is, of course, the best fit. 

Gomed Stone

The allure of hessonite jewelry has also impressed celebrities worldwide. Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lowndes, Christie Brinkley, and more have been spotted embracing this beautiful stone. So, you see how Gomedhikam stone has gained popularity in the world of fashion and style. 

Astrological Benefits of Gomed Ratna 

Besides being a favorite of jewelry lovers and gemstone collectors, Gomed stone is also a popular astrological stone. In Vedic astrology, Hessonite is for the planet Rahu. This is a shadow planet that is believed to be influenced by your karmas. If Rahu is positive in your horoscope, it blesses you with financial stability, foreign travel, and a good career. 

On the contrary, if it is negatively placed in your horoscope, it brings aggression, loss of wealth, obstacles in your career, and bad relationships. Wearing a Hessonite stone ring on the middle finger of the right hand is considered an effective remedy for removing the ill effects of Rahu graha. 

Gemstones are believed to carry vibrational energies that align with the cosmic power of the concerned planet and benefit the wearer in many aspects of life. It is said that Gomed Ratna can be worn by zodiac signs such as Taurus, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. However, if you are wearing this gem for only casual jewelry purposes, it can be worn by anybody. But for astrological purposes, these sun signs are recommended to wear this semi-precious stone. Astrological benefits of wearing a Gomed ring include improved financial stability, emotional well-being, enhanced career prospects, and good health. Thus, this stone is a bundle of beauty with benefits. 

Gomed Stone Rings

Hessonite Jewelry Designs

Whether it's about jewelry or astrological properties, Gomeda Ratna has gained its place along with other precious and semi-precious stones. This exclusive variety of garnets can be incorporated into a wide range of styles as per the taste and preferences of jewelry lovers. From minimalistic designs to statement pieces, Gomedhikam Ratna fits best for all. With this cinnamon stone as the center of your ring or pendant necklace surrounded by intricate metal work is no less than a sophisticated piece of art. 

Bold rings, statement necklaces, or earrings with this reddish brown-hued gem look awesome. Gomed stone earrings go well with your everyday casual or office wear look. From studs to long earrings, hessonite gemstone is a perfect daily accessory for women. It is a wonderful gem for women as it removes negative energy and adds positivity to the surroundings. So, whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, wearing Gomedh earrings can benefit you in attaining mental peace and stress free life. 

Where to Buy Hessonite for Jewelry?

-Individuals looking for astrological benefits should buy a natural Gomedhikam gemstone from a reputed gem dealer like Navratan. You also buy exclusive Hessonite Jewelry from Navratan. 

-As per Vedic astrology, silver is the suggested metal for this stone. Hence, if you are buying Gomed Ratna jewelry for astrological purposes, craft it in silver else you can use any metal tone. 

-Original Gomedh price in India starts from INR 500 and can extend upto INR 5000 per carat. The best source of this gem is Sri Lanka as it shows top quality color and transparency. 

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