Gemstones for Meditation

Posted on June 11th, 2024 06:01 PM

Meditation is the practice of gaining mental and physical calmness. There are many reasons for using this practice. Some meditate to relax their mind and get through emotional setbacks, while for some, it is helpful in improving health. Meditation is not new; it has been popular for thousands of years. Various cultures have followed it in different ways. But do you know, it can also be done with the help of natural gems and crystals? This blog will discuss these gemstones for meditation and how they work. 

How Gemstones Enhance Meditation?

These natural wonders are believed to possess energy that resonates with the individual's energy field. This interaction amplifies your inner energies and benefits you in various aspects of life. It is believed that gemstones work scientifically. Since they are found beneath the earth's crust, they contain the power of atoms and minerals. The chemical composition and bond formation between the atoms produce energy circulating within the stone. This energy is transmitted to the wearer when you hold or wear the gem. You might have observed crystals getting warmer when you hold them during meditation. This is due to the absorbing and reflecting power of the stone. It absorbs negative energy and reflects positive energy to the individual. You can meditate with stones for different purposes. Let's see which Ratna is specific for which purpose. 

6 Useful Gemstones for meditation

Many cultures believed in the mystical properties of gems. For instance, emeralds (Panna) predict the future, blue sapphire (Neelam) exhibit divine powers, amethyst protects from the effects of being drunk and more. In meditation, these gems play a profound significance. Let's see how:

6 useful gemstones for meditation

Emerald: The Stone that Calms Mind and Body 

In today’s fast world, where strenuous physical and mental activity is common, finding the easiest way to calm the mind and body is important. Meditating with stones can be useful. Holding Panna Ratna in your left hand helps reduce anxiety, enhance mental stability, and promote overall well-being. It provides calmness to the mind, allowing individuals to think patiently and make decisions in challenging situations. You can meditate with emerald stone in the day for a few minutes. This will help you stay calm all day, allowing you to work efficiently. 

Ruby: Best Stone for Happiness 

Ruby's color is linked to passion, love, and energy. It is connected to the root chakra, which is important in maintaining our emotional status. The powerful energy of Manik Ratna activates this energy center and promotes the feeling of positivity. So, individuals who feel fatigued all day can meditate with this stone. It provides courage and strength, helping people take on challenges optimistically. Other than this, the ruby gemstone is perfect for love and compassion. If you struggle to maintain a good relationship with people around you or overcome heartache, the vibrant energy of Manikya Ratna brings relief. So, you find happiness and joy in your life with these gemstones for meditation.  

Yellow Sapphire: Stone Best for the Brain

Pukhraj in English is called yellow sapphire and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This planet signifies wisdom and intelligence. So, meditating with this gem harnesses the energy of the powerful planet and offers you enhanced focus and concentration. Students or working professionals can meditate by holding the pukhraj stone in their right hand. This will help memorization and promote focus to get better results. 

Blue Sapphire: Stone Good for Overthinking 

If you are struggling with overthinking, the blue hues of Neelam will help you find tranquillity. The soothing energy of this stone relaxes your mind and clears thoughts so you can think better. This is the best stone to meditate at night as it promotes mental peace and relaxation. It helps provide you with good sleep. Blue sapphire is the best stone for spirituality as it is connected to the third eye chakra. This chakra removes confusion and strengthens intuition and decision-making skills. Since Neelam is a powerful stone, one should consult an astrologer before wearing it. 

Pearl Gem: For Stress and Depression 

Pearls, also called Moti in Hindi, are associated with purity, innocence, and calmness. Wearing these gems as jewelry can remove stress and depression. You can also meditate with a Moti mala. Doing so helps reduce your anger and make you think wisely. In a stressful workplace where you also encounter psychic attacks, pearl gemstones can bring relief. If you are busy with your work schedule and don't have time to practice meditation, wear it as jewelry. Moti jewelry looks wonderful on any outfit and keeps you full of good vibes all day. 

Red Coral: Protective Stone in Astrology 

Corals are considered perfect gemstones for meditation. Red Coral, also called Moonga in Hindi, is a protective stone. It is used as a talisman that removes negativity. You can meditate with a red coral beads mala. Doing this will promote growth in your business. There will be a sudden increase in your wealth. If you meditate to achieve success in your professional life, Laal Moonga is the best gem. It is also a healing stone as it enhances immunity and helps individuals recover from various diseases. 

How to Use Gemstones for Meditation?

The gems or crystals must be activated whether you are wearing them as jewelry or meditating with them. 

  • For this, one should place the meditation stone in a mixture such as raw milk, gangajal, honey, and curd.

  • Keep it for a few minutes and rinse in clean water. Recite the mantras for the gemstone you want to meditate with. This will energize it and restore its power. 

  • Activation is important, and so is the intention or purpose. Meditate with good intentions to eliminate issues in your life related to your profession, health, or married life.  Belief is another important factor. If you believe in gems and crystals, they will show you effects in the desired time frame.

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