Gemini Birthstone Guide: Unveiling the Treasures for Gemini

Posted on December 2nd, 2023 10:41 AM

The Gemini zodiac sign is the 3rd sign as per astrology. If you are born between May 21 and June 21, you are a Gemini (Mithuna Rashi). This zodiac is represented by Twins. In Latin, Gemini means Twin, however, it is said that the “Twins” comes from Greek mythology, representing Castor and Pollux. It is believed that this represents the ability of Gemini-borns to see both sides of a situation. 

Gemini’s are often adaptable, energetic, and quick-witted. But they are also indecisive and very impulsive which sometimes causes them to get into trouble or very frustrated. So, what to do? Here are some gemstones that will help you enhance your strengths and reduce your weaknesses. 

Birthstones for Gemini

As per Western astrology, there are two gemstones that are your birthstones and will be the best for you to wear. These two traditional gemstones are Pearl and Agate. Both of these gemstones will benefit you the most and fill your life with positivity, happiness and liveliness. As a Gemini, you're lucky to have not one but two official birthstones to choose from. Both are light, airy, and befitting of the social butterfly Twins.

Pearl (Moti Stone)

Pearls, also known as Moti Stone, are beautiful gemstones, one of the Navratans. That means it is one of the nine most powerful gems in the world. Found in many hues like black, white, sheen, creal, golden, pink, etc., these are most known for their ability to help reduce anger. It is said that the Pearl is the gemstones of the Moon and so it brings calmness, coolness, and purity to its wearer. 

Pearl symbolizes wisdom, creativity, serenity and solitude. They have the innocence like the Moon and represents faith. It will make you emotionally strong, enhance your beauty and inner peace, increase memory and confidence. 

The gem will also strengthen  your metabolism, treat eye and throat related ailments, help control high BP and help you sleep better. 

Agate Gemstone 

The Agate gemstone is a variety of chalcedony found in many hues like orange, black, green, etc. This stone is used highly to make jewelry or art pieces because of its unique texture and look. However, it is most worn because of its many healing properties. The bands and swirls on the surface embodies the spirit of Gemini. The stone enhances your communication skills and intellect. 

It will deepdn  your relationships, strengthening them, which is perfect for the sociable gemini signs. Original Agate stone is also believed to bring good luck and protection. It will protect your from pshychlogical stress, reduce your anxieties and worries and will heal you emotionally. It cleanses your energy, balanes them and gives your courage and confidence. 

The gem will detoxify your body, mainatian the blood circulation and cure skin disorders. 

Other Lucky Gemstones For Gemini To Wear 

Which stone should gemini wear? The gemstones which will be lucky for the Gemini signs to wear are mentioned below. Other than pearl and Agate, other stones will benefit you in many ways. Since you have an adventurous soul and is outgoing, who's to say you have to pick just one? You can collect them all to have a treasure trove of gemstones as diverse and interesting as you are. These bright and beautiful stones will inspire your creativity and spark your imagination.


The rare alexandrite gemstones are known for their color changing ability which perfectly compliments the adaptability and duality of the Gemii zodiac individuals. It shifts from red to green depending on the light. 

This gem is a balancing stone which balances your emotions, and brings you joy. It will enhance creativity in you, help you learn more and grow to experience new things since Mithun Rashi people are often curious. It will open your mind, and give you new perspective. It will also bring you good fortune, harmony, and well-being.

An original alexandrite stone is also known to create a balance between materialistic world and spiritual world. It strengthen your intution and boosts self-esteem. 


The moonstone is the stone of calmness and emotions. The stone is highly used in crystal theraphies and to wear because of its ability to bring you calmness, peace and relaxation. It enhances yourintutions, connects you to the higher powers of the world. It regulates hormones in your body and hence it is most beneficial for women as it will help in regulation of menstrual cycle and provide relief forom period cramps as well. 

It will maintain yorur overall being mentally and physically. It will reduce depression, stabilize fluid imbalance, increase fertility and help with conception. It will also remove toxic substances from your body and improve your digestion system. 


The beautiful dark green emerald gemstones are one of the longest knwon gems in the world. Gemini ascendants should wear this gem to increase their communication skills and self-expression abilities. This gem is related to speech hence if youhave any speech disorder you can wear an ariginal emerald. 

It will also increase your confidence, boost your intellect, give you mental clarity and sharpen your focus powers. You will make better decisions after wearing this gem. Also known as Panna, it is the Stone of prosperity. It bring you vitality, growth and rejuvenation. Ancient people used to relate it to reincarnation and afterlife as well. 

It is best for the health of your kidneys, spleen, liver, skin, heart, and teeth. 


Citrine or Sunela, the warming yellow stone brings you luck, liveliness, happiness and joy. The sun like yellow colour of the gem gives an instant feeling of warmth and delight. It is believed that the citrine stone can help you get rid of the bad addictions. It gives you will power and energy as well as revitalizes your spirit. 

The stone will also detoxify your body, cleans you, strengthen the muscles of heart, and treats ailments related to the kidneys, liver and stomach. 

It is a stone of abundance and luck, brings you success, removes negativity from your life, and give you wiom and knowledge as well. 

What Stones Should Gemini Avoid?

The Gemini borns should not worn Black tourmaline, Obsidian, and Sapphire. In fact, before wearing any gemstone you should consult with an expert. He or she will guide ou on which will be the best gemstone for you to wear and receive positiveness in your life. 

How to Choose the Right Gemini Birthstone Jewelry?

While choosing a gemstone for yourself, you should go for personal style and preference but also keep in mind the gemstone's properties and meaning. You may find yourself fascinated by a particular benefit of the Gemini stone or by any traditional meaning or symbolization, and pick the gem right away. 

Analyze your life, and know the meaning and healing properties or benefits that a particular gemstone is providing you. Ask yourself what you need the most in your life and will the gemstone help you achieve what you require. If it does, choose it. 

Mostly, the gemstones attract you to them. While you are purchasing a gem, let the energies of the gem or crystals attract you towards them, Don't avoid that strong feeling and let your gut choose the gem for you. 

Note - Please Wear the gem in the form of a Pendant, bracelet or ring only so that it is always in touch with your skin and keeps its positive energies flowing through you constantly. 

How to Use Your Gemini Stones?

You can wear the Gemini stone jewelry directly which is the best way to use your gem and gain its benefits. Other than that, to use your Gemini stone daily you can keep it in your purse or wallet, or keep it where you spend most of your time like at home or office. 

Regularly meditating with your gemstone will help you focus better on what your intentions are and what you want to manifest with the help of your gem. Your stone will work or respond to your frequencies hence you must practice spiritually (keeping the stone close) through any method (Meditation, Yoga, Crystal therapy, etc.) to get its amplified energies. It will purify the environment around you and create a soothing aura that will protect you from negativity and help you be positive, grow and build the life you want. 

Care & Cleaning Of Gemini Gemstones 

To maintain the liveliness and beauty of your gemstones it is essential to cleanse them every once in a while. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind to take better care of the stones for Gemini:- 

Do not let the gems come in contact with any harsh chemicals. So remove them while cooking, gardening, swimming or doing any similar activities. 

Avoid any sudden temperature changes. 

If you storing your gemstone jewellery, wrap them up in soft cloth or velvet and store them in different boxes. 

Clean them with lukewarm mildly soapy water and a soft bristled brush at least once every three months. Make sure there are no residues or dirt on your gem or its settings. 

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