What are the Current Blue Sapphire Trends?

Posted on May 30th, 2024 06:08 PM

Blue sapphire is one of the most popular gemstones adorned for its healing and spiritual properties. This stone comes from the corundum mineral family and has the most amazing color among all the sapphires. Since ancient times, these stunning gemstones have been loved for their symbolism, which includes royalty, wisdom, and divinity. In recent years, this particular variety of sapphire has gained popularity. This is because of the rise in love for colored stones as engagement rings, and these precious stones are the best that suit this trend. The most common reason is the durability of corundum crystals. So, whether it's an ornament for a special occasion or everyday jewelry, these stones always go with the trend.  

History of Blue Sapphire 

These gems mean a lot in different cultures. In ancient times, it was believed that this stone sought heavenly blessings due to its color similarity with that of the sky. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was thought to protect the wearers from negative energy. Kings and queens adorned this beautiful gem as a symbol of power. In Indian astrology, it is referred to as Neelam Ratna and is said to be a life-changing stone. It is believed that wearing this stone as per Vedic rituals can help the wearer gain wealth, good health, career success, and harmonious relationships. In the modern era, this blue gemstone makes the perfect centerpiece for engagement and wedding rings. It has been worn by many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts at various events.  

Current Blue Sapphire Trends 

The allure of Neelam has captured the minds of fashion enthusiasts. The reason being that, for instance, it has a great hardness, so it's easy to work on them. Moreover, they are perfect for any jewelry form. Secondly, these stones come in various shades, and there are various categories. Natural gems from different origins feature shades that look amazing when crafted in different metals. Let's see what these trends are that are redefining the beauty of this royal stone. 

Blue Sapphire

Preferred Colors and Shades  

Royal Blue: This shade is well displayed by royal blue sapphires obtained from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). These Neelam Ratnas are considered the epitome of elegance and luxury.  

Cornflower Shade: Referred to as one of the rarest hues, the cornflower blue sapphire gemstone is an expensive variety. The incredible color is a perfect choice for statement pieces. 

Violet Blue: This shade features blue as the primary color and purple as the secondary overtone. It makes an amazing choice other than traditional blue.  

Bi-color sapphire: This is, however, a different variety, but the irresistible combination of two hues adds to the modern style. It showcases a perfect blend of Neelam and Pukhraj.  

Blue Sapphires in Engagement Rings 

In the modern era, these amazing stones have become a cherished choice for engagement rings. Earlier, diamonds were considered the traditional gemstone for these special occasions due to their sparkling shine and forever love symbolism. But with new trends coming up, colored stones have started becoming the first choice for engagement and wedding rings. Especially for blue sapphires, which are a treasure of stunning color and symbolism. Neelam signifies loyalty, commitment, love, and trust. It is a durable stone, so any jewelry crafted out of it is long-lasting and doesn't get scratched away easily. If it's a high-carat Nilam Ratna, the jewelry makes the most desirable heirloom jewelry. 

Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue Sapphires in Everyday Jewelry

This amazing stone can be incorporated well into everyday jewelry. You can wear them solo or mix them with other sparkling ratnas to make classic pieces. A stunning blue sapphire and diamond halo ring in platinum exudes luxury and timeless beauty. From vintage to floral, art deco to contemporary designs, these gems fit all. Neelam in elegant studs or dangle earrings adds a pop of color to your outfit. A pendant necklace showcasing this gem in a beautiful cut draws attention to your accessory. A tennis bracelet is yet another versatile piece that offers versatility and style. Sapphire studs look perfect with jeans and a white tee, whereas a minimalist solitaire ring creates the best look for your office attire.  

Nilam Ratna in Astrology  

Besides these stones being loved for everyday accessories, they come with benefits as well. In Vedic astrology, Neelam is governed by the planet Shani, which reduces the malefic effects of this planet. Thus, it is referred to as Shani Ratna. This gemstone enhances mental clarity and confidence. So, for working professionals, wearing a Nilam stone ring is beneficial. It helps individuals to focus and concentrate on their tasks, stimulates their leadership qualities, and offers success in their careers. This Shani stone is good for relationships. Those who are facing conflicts in their married lives can wear it. It is believed that these natural gems contain powerful energy that aligns with the energy of the concerned planet, bestowing the wearer with various benefits.  

In conclusion, natural blue sapphires are a popular choice in jewelry. These gems go with every trend, from vintage-inspired to modern-era designs. Their versatility allows them to mix with both classic and contemporary styles. Whether you are looking for minimalistic jewelry or a fashion statement, these look wonderful. They are gems with beauty and benefits. 

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