Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring - A Rising Trend in Weddings

Posted on December 8th, 2021 01:33 PM

Someone has said it very right, weddings are the purest institution. On the account of the lifetime oath of trust, weddings hold superior space in every religion and civilization. Besides lots of fun and functions, it is one of those special occasions that demand precise planning and preparations. From visiting venues to selecting attires, finalizing the food menu, pursuing photoshoots, and inviting guests, marriage is a ceaseless chore. With meticulous detailing and, of course, endless affection, more is to be done in lesser time to make the day special for the new couple. Especially in India, a wedding is not a single-day operation instead, it is a lifelong association between two families and is a cluster of many small cheerful moments of glee. Exchanging engagement rings is one such much-awaited ceremony in any marriage celebration. 

              For ages, rings are used to secure bonds between couples. They frame a prominent part of a nuptial bond because these tiny bands symbolize the eternal love and commitment which is going to rest with the couples for their entire lives. Thus, if you are also planning to tie that auspicious knot, you should invest proper time to select your perfect wedding band. Now since rings are what make a wedding stronger, they are something you should surely emphasize upon. After all, it will represent you, even in your absence. 

Why Choose A Colored Crystal For Your Engagement Ring

As of today, gemstone wedding bands are gaining immense popularity in seizing the love deal. Colors are meant to be a harbinger of happiness in our living. Similarly, these small chunks of natural colored crystals are seen as a sign of merriment and contentment, particularly among the millennials. Gems further add the meaning of what a wedding ring stands for. We are living in an era when we take not only days and months but years to decide on the right partner. So, why not to select the ring for him or her. When it comes to greeting that precious person, you should opt for something equally precious. Undoubtedly, when a ring is studded with selfless love and precious stones, it becomes priceless. 

             For centuries, diamonds had been the safest yet pale option. So this time, let us give colorless diamonds some rest and cheer colors. Now if you are also up for your marriage, underneath we have summarized some of the beautiful gemstone rings available in the market today. Here, with this article, we will try to decode the increasing trend of colored gemstones in engagement ceremonies and explore why they can be the best choice you can make for your wedding. 

Ruby Gemstone 

Ruby, aka Manik Stone, is not just a luxurious piece of precious stone but a symbol of zeal and purity. For time immemorial, the enduring elegance of a Natural Ruby Stone represents the deep-rooted power of the Sun. It is best known to bestow the possessor with authority and sound health besides beauty and grace. In a relationship, Ruby exhibits your love, style, and persistent commitment towards your partner. Chemically, ruby comes from the precious mineral family corundum and is highly used in statement jewelries. 

                   A ruby gemstone ring every time adds a mesmerizing magnetism and charismatic aura to the personality of its wearer. It holds a deep meaning of virtuous vow and true love that carries a positive impact onto your marriage. Real Burmese Rubies are considered the best in ruby class which is further followed by Mozambique. Thus, if you are quite tightened up with your budget, you can go for Mozambique rubies, on the contrary, if the price is not an issue for you and you want only the best for your bae, you should certainly opt for Burmese. 

Blue Sapphire Gemstone 

Looking for a trendy gemstone ring for your wedding day? There can be nothing better than a blue sapphire engagement ring. You may wonder why but several international personalities hold credit for popularizing this precious blue stone on global grounds. Peculiarly because of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, the UK. Right after she had worn blue sapphire as her engagement ring, this gem once again touched the heights of admiration in the world’s vogue. Kate Middleton chose a natural blue sapphire gemstone engagement band of 12-carat which once belonged to Princess Diana. 

                           Where Kate never misses flaunting this precious engagement ring, it serves several other benefits to the wearer. Under Vedic astrology, blue sapphire is recognized as Neelam stone and tends to protect its owner from all sorts of evils. Although, since it represents the furious planet Saturn, it should be worn only after consulting an expert astrologer because Saturn does not grant everyone favorable results. As per western astrology, blue sapphire is regarded as the September birthstone and is best considered to be worn by the people born in the month of September. So if your bae is also a September born, you can simply pick a blue sapphire ring to make her yours forever. 

Emerald Gemstone 

Emerald is an immensely popular member of the Beryl mineral group. This precious gemstone is an owner of impeccable beauty that adds an irresistible glamour at all times when adorned. Though, the engrossing allure and healing traits of this May Birthstone are praised around the globe, by the time Halle Berry, the famed American actress who rose the name by a James Bond movie, worn an emerald engagement ring, emeralds regained the limelight. It is primarily worn to promote the characteristics of peace, harmony, and stability in one’s existence. 

        Besides beauty, Natural Emerald is best recognized for the extraordinary cosmic vibes it carries. In the words of learned astrologers and gemologists, it inculcates positivity and alacrity in your ambiance. With the remarkable metaphysical properties, Emerald, aka Panna Stone, activates some amazing alleviating powers that help the person to heal on all aspects of life. To put things into an ameliorate perspective, it grows warmth, appreciation, good vibes, and mutual understanding in your relationship with each passing year. 

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 

Yellow Sapphire is seen as the stone of success and good health. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) engagement ring will not be just an engagement ring but can be the best gift you can ever give to your partner. As per ancient Vedic astrology, yellow sapphire belongs to the planet Jupiter and is best known for bringing enlightenment, prosperity, and good luck to the wearer. So if you are also up for buying this beautiful yellow stone for your to-be spouse, you need not to have a double thought because Pukhraj is an extremely auspicious gemstone. 

            Astrologically, it is among some of those very few stones that do not deliver any type of negative effects to its owner in any situation or circumstance. From personal to professional and academic to health, this birthstone of September month serves a number of advantages of the person owing it. Thus yellow sapphire is said to be the gem one for all and all for one. When you have made your mind for purchasing the best quality Pukhraj stone for your partner, prefer to go for Ceylon yellow sapphire as it is considered to be the best of quality. 

Note:- Gemstone must be selected on the basis of the zodiac sign, birthdate, or personality of the wearer. Thus, when you present a gemstone engagement ring to your life partner, it is highly recommended to consult an expert astrologer before buying it and make sure that the ring not only grows your love bond stronger but also enable him/her to evolve the best side of his/her personality. 

Buy Gemstones Online 

Be it ruby or emerald, any gemstone tends to endorse utmost grace and enchantress when worn in its purest form. Thus, no matter if you are buying it for yourself or for any of your loved ones, always prefer to buy a real gemstone from a trusted gemstone store that provides you with the assurity of the originality of the gem you are buying, because precious people are not meant to settle for ordinaries. Choose something originally precious for your precious one. Go through the exclusive catalog of a trusted gemstone store..! 

        For the widest range of genuine gemstones online you can also choose to explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar. We hold the pride of carrying the largest assortment of certified gemstones online at the best price range. Besides an insured worldwide shipping facility and a hassle-free return policy, here you will get a certificate of authenticity alongside every stone you opt to purchase. These certificates are insured by the world’s most renowned and reliable gemstone testing agencies that are operating independently such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, and Gubelin

Of course, amid all the hassle of plannings, preparations, and programs, it may sound quite tough to take time out, research the market, and study the selection onto a single piece of the ring but trust me, it is worthy. Even if it may take some days or weeks, it is always judicious to invest time in selecting the perfect wedding ring for your partner. It is highly advisable to choose the right ring for your marriage because it is what going to stay with the love of your life for the rest of her life as a token of your love and trust. Visit the website now for the newest selection. Happy Buying..!! 

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