Colored Engagement Rings: Types & Meanings

Posted on May 23rd, 2023 02:36 PM

Engagement rings are the epitome of love, passion, and commitment; the dedication to one another. Throughout the years, Diamond rings are mostly presented as an engagement ring because they are traditionally a symbol of love. Diamond gemstones are ruled by the planet Venus which is known as a planet of beauty, charm and romance, so they were preferred all the time but that became a mythical tradition. 

You can use coloured gemstones as engagement rings as well. There are many types of stones for rings and you can use the best ones to show how much you love your partner by selecting one that they like. It can be based on the favourite colour, the traditional significance of the stone, birthstone, zodiac gemstone, or a personal preference.

Here are some of the best options for colored stone engagement rings that you can go for, these are in trend as well and will show you care and consideration for your partner. Each of these colored rings for engagement has a certain meaning and cultural significance as well as astrological benefit. 

Blue Sapphire

In recent decades, the blue sapphire engagement ring has come up as a beautiful choice. Blue sapphire is a gorgeous gemstone, the gem of a dark deep blue hue with shine and transparency is majestic and graceful. It evokes a sense of refinement, luxury, nobility and loyalty. 

You can choose a vibrant royal blue, velvety midnight blue or cornflower blue. 

Blue sapphire ring

Recently, Princess Diana's Blue Sapphire engagement ring has been in the news widely because of the bold choice made by the princess to go for a coloured gem rather than a diamond. 

Outstanding Qualities:

An original Blue sapphire gemstone have a hardness of 9, which makes it quite a durable gemstone. It goes well with diamonds and is available in a lot of designs, and cuts. It exhibits excellent resistance to scratches and chips and can be worn on a daily basis. 

Traditionally, it is associated with sky, heavens and purity. It is believed that the stone have a positive influence on its wearer, it enhances wisdom and knowledge and brings fortune. 

Astrologically, it is the fastest-acting gem that will bring you success, wealth, stability, protection and communication. It is the birthstone of September, so if your partner is born in this month, you should go for a blue sapphire ring for engagement. 

Design Versatility

There are many Blue sapphire engagement ring types that you can choose from. Blue sapphires are available in several cuts like Oval, Cabochon, Cushion, Heart, Octagon, Pear, Round, Trillion, Rectangular cushion, etc. 

You can explore various design possibilities by customizing your ring. It can be placed as a centerpiece in a classic solitaire setting or in an intricate vintage-inspired setting. You can add other gemstones as well to make it more beautiful. 

Ruby Stone

Another gem that takes the heart is the Ruby gemstone which is also linked with the heart and love because of its red hue. The color blood red of ruby makes it an excellent choice for colorful engagement rings. The deep red shade has always been seen as a colour of love. Also, rubies are rare, have an amazing shine and represent best the emotions of the heart. 

Ruby stone ring

Outstanding Qualities:

The rubies hold timeless elegance with a hardness of 9, which makes them very durable, so can be worn on a daily basis. They are captivating and have divine traditional beliefs. 

Original ruby stones are believed to be the stone of the planet Sun, astrologically. They are known as the King of Gemstones as well. As per the ancient texts, ruby can bring you luck in love and strengthen your relationship. It will also heal you, make you more confident and enhance passion and compassion. The ruby also increases the energy levels of the wearer.

It is the July birthstone and is most beneficial for Leo zodiac sign to wear. 

Ruby engagement rings meaning traditionally and astrologically can be a plus point in your relationship. 

Design Aspects

The Rubies are found in various cuts such as Cushion, Heart, Octagon, Oval, Pear, and Round. As per your style and taste, you can choose a cut and get your ring designed. Diamonds go well with rubies so you can also choose a ring with a Ruby as a centrepiece and diamonds as side stones. 

Amethyst Stone

The beautiful purple-hued gemstone amethyst is another stone that you can use. Amethyst is a natural tranquillizer, its purple hues are very calming. From dark purple to light lavender tones, you can find it in various shades of purple. This gem is known specifically as a healing stone and is loved because of its brilliant spark and charming tone. It is an ideal gemstone for couples who desire rings that are distinctive, meaningful and spiritual.  

Amethyst stone ring

Outstanding Qualities:

With a hardness of 7,  amethyst is also an excellent choice for a ring. Its unique colour choice will give it a personalized touch. Indeed, traditionally, amethyst is a spiritual gemstone that will connect the two of you with each other and bring divine healing energies to you. The calmness and peace that it brings will fill you with relaxation and build a bond purely on love.

An amethyst engagement ring meaning is that your life as a couple started on pure serenity, coolness and sanctity. It will bring you mental clarity, inner strength and spiritual harmony. 

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is best for the Capricorn zodiac sign to wear. 

Exploring Designs

Couples embrace the visual beauty of the amethyst when they choose an amethyst along with its positive and soothing energies. There are also different types of rings of amethyst - it is found in cuts - Octagon, Oval, Round, Emerald-Cut, Asscher Cut, Baguette & Carre, Cushion, and Princess Cut. An amethyst looks the best in platinum. You can customize your amethyst ring with Navratan, best sellers of gemstones and customized jewellery, provided with lab certification to prove authenticity. 

Emerald Stone

Another gemstone that looks great and astonishing as a ring of engagement is the emerald, the infamous deep green gem. This ancient gem which was the first recorded one, has been loved throughout history, is rare and represents life and the afterlife. It is believed that an original emerald stone (Panna) can bring you knowledge of your previous life as well. 

Emerald stone ring

Outstanding Qualities:

The gem have a hardness of 7.5-8, which is less compared to other precious gems but it's fairly tough. Dark deep greens of emerald stone are rare and highly valuable of good clarity. 

Traditionally, an emerald engagement ring meaning will be your connection with the greenery, nature, creativity and spring. Egyptians used to link the Panna stones with life, youth, fertility and reincarnation. 

Astrologically, the ruling planet of an emerald is Mercury, the planet of communication - Vaani Karka. That means anyone who wears it will get enhanced communication skills. Any speech-related disorders will be cured by the powers of an Emerald. 

It is the birthstone for May and is beneficial for Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs to wear. 

Designer Cuts

The emerald cut is the most famous cut or facet which can be seen in different gems as well. It is a cut in which the gem is faceted into a hexagonal shape, a rectangular step-cut. Other cuts available are Cabochon, Cushion, Heart, Octagon, Oval, Pear, Round, Trapeze, Trillion, Fancy and Marquise. Emeralds are less dense than diamonds, hence an emerald of the same weight and proportions can still seem larger than a diamond. You should choose s design or customize the ring as per your preference. 

How to Care and Clean Your Engagement Ring?

It is essential to take better care of your engagement rings to maintain their beauty and lustre. Coloured engagement rings meaning will be fruitful when you care for them and do not let their colour fade away from silly mistakes. Here are some points that you should keep in mind:- 

Do not let the ring come in contact with any harsh chemicals. So remove the ring while cleaning, swimming, gardening, etc. 

Avoid any sudden temperature changes. Remove it while cooking or while going outside in the sun for a long time. 

Keep it safe from make-up products like hair sprays, perfumes and moisturisers. 

Do not use acids, chemicals, or food products to clean your engagement ring. Clean it with mildly soapy lukewarm water and a soft bristled brush. 

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