Blue Zircon stone - Uses and Benefits

Posted on June 14th, 2023 05:22 PM

Zircon can be the last of the alphabet of gemstones, but it stands out first due to its sparkle. Zircon is an exquisite natural gemstone that, without any human interference in mining, cutting, or polishing, is entirely based on nature. It’s named after the Persian word 'zargun,' meaning 'gold-colored,'. The white zircon possesses excellent brilliance and rare inclusion, it is classified as semi-precious gemstone. The Blue Zircon stone crystal structure creates one of the most vivid sparks among all realms of colored gems. They are also popular for their array of colors, ranging from intense green to blue, red, yellow, and orange for everyone. These mimic gemstones are known for their glittering, brilliance, and flares, just like diamonds gemstone.


Zircons are found in beach sands around the world. With over 37% of the world's zircon extraction, Australia ranks first on the list in zircon mining. Most zircon is mined through mineral sand deposits in the regions of Western Australia and Victoria. Zircon crystals are found in immense quantities in Southeast Asia, Tanzania, and Cambodia.

Types Of Zircon

In this article, we have talked about the most popular varieties of Zircon.

White Zircon :

This white zircon sparkles and shines just like any diamond. It has astrological significance and is incredibly transparent, which is exactly what one wants to adore.

white zircon stone

Blue Zircon Stone:

This Blue Zircon Stone  has a range of tints and tones. These stones are worn for various reasons, including to enhance luck with their alluring appearance and hues. This results in a splendid blend of aesthetic and astrological value. Due to its unique dark tone, it is a transformative choice for the jeweler industry. In addition, this mineral resembles aquamarine, which is the December birthstone.

blue zircon stone

Red Zircon :

It has the brilliant color and sparkle of a unique and natural gemstone. This gemstone is valued for its inherent shine and durability.

red zircon stone

Yellow Zircon:

Because of its scarcity, this gemstone is rare to find. It has an elegant appearance, making it a valuable gemstone in the jewellery trade.

yellow zircon stone

Amazing Facts About Zircon Stone

  • Although this gemstone is not as tough as some others, it is still durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear. Remember that your jewellery is made from soft gemstones, and its life can be greatly extended if you treat it with care. Several additional industries use zircon as well. The reason behind is that, its particular stabilization at high temperatures, and refractory material can be used for casting applications.
  • Zircon is a magnificent gemstone, shining with dazzling colors and spectrums. In addition, zircon is effortlessly affordable. Jewelery enthusiasts and collectors adore this stone's beauty.
  • Zircons are found in endless bands and spectrums. These spectra possess unique absorption qualities that set them apart. The alluring Burmese green zircons display more than 40 lines of spectrum, while the Australian orange zircons only have a few counts. On the other hand, red and brown zircons do not show any spectrum.
  • Zircon, the December birthstone, has been known to bring good fortune since the Middle Ages. It can be an excellent present for December babies or anyone who is mesmerized by its brilliance. Nowadays, zircon is associated with increased willpower and stamina.


  • Zircon is traced as the oldest mineral on the planet, with a history of the earth with more than 4.4 billion years.
  • On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, zircon stands at a 7.5.
  • Interestingly, white zircon crystals possess geological mineral properties. It composes elements like Zr, Si, and O in monoclinic format. 
  • Diamonds and white zircons possess similar appearances. It can be difficult to differentiate between a brilliant zircon and a diamond because they have the same luster. One can differentiate these two gemstones based on their refractive index.
  • Natural zircons are known to sparkle magnificently, which is why they are so admired. The fact that it is a semi-precious gemstone and has a reasonable price.

Benefits of Zircon Stone

  • Zircon gemstones have the power to disperse negative energy and restore harmony and nature's calmness. The lungs and respiratory system are said to benefit from the healing properties of zircon.
  • Furthermore, Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aquarius are recommended to wear this healing gemstone. It is allied with astrological benefits and helps to overcome any mental and physical ailments. This authentic gemstone has magical powers that eliminate all the negative vibes from the surroundings and enhance a positive attitude.
  • Because of its rarity and brilliance, white zircon is considered highly sought-after in the realm of gemstones. From adornment to spiritual enhancement, this precious gem has a natural aura of peace and harmony if worn regularly. Zircon is the birthstone for the Libra sign. It was accessorized for fashion and metaphysical prospects.
  • Vedic astrology also claims that blue zircon stone can bring marital happiness by restoring harmony. It renews your love and respect for your spouse and strengthens by brighten relationship with them.
  • If you are facing low energy and stamina because of hormonal imbalances, unmistakably choose these mystical crystals and see what happens. Indeed, Blue Zircons Stones effectively bestow health and immunity.
  • For a timeless and sophisticated appearance, it is best set in gold or silver jewellery. When paired with other precious stones like sapphires, white zircon can turn into eye-catching showpiece jewellery. White zircon can be an aesthetic jewel piece because of its unique characteristics.
  • It has economic and social benefits. Wearing this fortunate gemstone helps you overcome any financial difficulties and uphold your social status.
  • Blue zircon Stone is known to enhance one's inner creativity and improve one's capacity for original thought and expression.

Simple DIY Authenticity Test

This stunning gemstone is highly desirable because of its uniqueness and rarity. In addition, with simple acid test kits, one can verify whether a stone is authentic or not. Just use diluted hydrochloric acid if the acid's reaction causes discoloration or bubbles to appear on the unreal stone, while natural ones remain unaffected. 

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