Blue Sapphires in History: Legends and Myths Surrounding the Gem

Posted on August 17th, 2023 05:55 PM

Few gems have gathered attention throughout history, and blue sapphire stone is one of them. This blue gemstone from the corundum family is famous for its durability and exclusive color, which makes it a perfect choice for engagement and wedding rings. Times immemorial, the classic blue sapphire gemstones have been attached to various lore. From the stone's powerful resemblance to dignity to its modern-day popularity among fashion enthusiasts, it has a captivating presence. 

One common myth that surrounds the stone is that sapphires are just blue. There is a myriad of colors in which sapphire gemstones come in. The gemstone's chemical composition includes trace elements which result in a wide variety of colors. Colored and even colorless sapphires enchant the onlookers like no other. Concerning the same, this blog features the magical allure of blue sapphire stones. 

Blue sapphire

Blue Sapphire and its allure 

These beautiful blue-colored gemstones belong to the corundum family. The blue variety of corundum is sapphires, while the red varieties are the fascinating rubies. The colored sapphires other than blue oolor are termed 'fancy sapphires.' Star sapphires and color-change sapphires are exclusively known for their phenomenal appearance. The star-like effect on the surface of the star sapphires and the rare color-changing attribute of other sapphire varieties have gained immense popularity. 

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Blue sapphire gemstones from Sri Lanka and Kashmir are known for their premium quality. Sapphires from Madagascar, Australia, the U.S., and more follow the list. These precious gemstones have an unmatched allure experienced by people since ancient times. Let's explore the journey of these fascinating stones in the past era. 

The fascination of Blue Sapphires in Ancient civilization 

The stone is associated with numerous beliefs in the past. These blue gemstones originated from the word 'Sapphire, ' meaning precious stone on earth. The other name for the stone comes from the Sanskrit word 'Sanipriyah,' Sacred to Saturn. The ancient Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians believed that Neelam stone was effective to ward off evil. The gemstones have been linked to influencing spirits and possess mystical powers. The 'King of Solomon' had an inscribed sapphire that portrayed a seal. This carved sapphire was believed to be robust and gave the king supreme powers over spirits in elements of nature. 

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Mythology and Sapphires 

Blue sapphire stone was associated with various mythology in the past. As per Persian lore, the earth rests upon a giant sapphire. According to one of the mythology, the stone reflected the sky as both resembled their color. In Bible, the stone gets a mention as a sacred stone. The ten commandments given to the Mosses were sapphire tablets. The star sapphire with the 'star effect' was known as the Stone of Destiny, where each line represents faith, destiny, and hope. As per Christian mythology, these lines were thought to ward off evil spirits. The star sapphires were used as talismans protecting the wearer from illness. 

Mythology and blue Sapphires

Stone of Kings and Queens

Sapphires were the stones of kings and queens, and aristocrats. Helen of Troy, one of the ancient legends, possessed a large star sapphire. This legendary stone was believed to have powers that fulfilled the queen's desires. Arabian kings wore these fascinating stones to protect them from injury during wartime. The stones were believed to protect the sailors from drowning. Charlemagne, the Holy Roman emperor, wore a sapphire amulet to show his devotion to God. 

Helen of Troy

Sapphires in Medical Use 

The sapphire gemstones were used to heal the sick. Blue sapphire stones in ancient times were placed on the forehead to eliminate headaches, nosebleeds, and nightmares. This blue gemstone was thought to increase the lifespan of the wearer. The gemstone protects the wearer from rheumatism, allergies, and even cancer. The sapphires were the favorite stones of the Christian clergy, who believed the stone boosted the immune system of the wearer. 

Medical uses of blue sapphires

Modern Symbolism and Beliefs 

Most people choose sapphire engagement rings because the symbolism it perceives is romance and love. The most famous blue sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana is a perfect example of an heirloom gem passed on to the future generation. The ring was believed to be the epitome of love, loyalty, and commitment.

Modern Symbolism and Beliefs of blue sapphires

Blue sapphire stone has been linked to the throat chakra and activates the third eye chakra. The stone also plays an essential role in feng shui. The dark blue color is connected to self-expression and knowledge. The Royal Blue sapphire stone placed on the front door is intended to bring wealth and blessings. Sapphires are the birthstone of September and the 75th anniversary stone. 

Myths behind the Blue Sapphire Stone 

One common myth about sapphires is that it exists in only one color: blue. The stone occurs in a rainbow of colors. Another myth about the stone is that it is not durable. Sapphires rank nine on the Mohs scale of hardness and are thus durable. The perfect durability of the stone means it is resistant to wear and tear. Thus sapphire jewelry is preferred for engagement rings. Does blue sapphire bring bad luck to the wearer? This is another common myth about sapphires. These mesmerizing gemstones have fascinated kings, queens, and royal dignitaries with their beauty and symbolism for a long. Blue sapphire stones were worn as amulets by people in various cultures. 

From the astrological point of view, blue sapphires benefit the wearer with wealth, power, and luck. For maximum astrological benefits, the stone should be worn on the right finger with proper consultation from the astrologer. 

To conclude, blue sapphire stones are one of the precious gemstones known for their mystical power and spell-binding hue. People in ancient cultures and civilizations believed in the significance of the stone. With the stone's use in therapeutics, and other medical applications, from the stone representing love and romance to that being referred to as the stone of feng shui, these gemstones hold a meaningful worth. The original blue sapphire stone is preferable for maximum astrological benefits. Navratan, the online gem bazaar, is a one-stop destination to find premium quality certified blue sapphire stone.  

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