Top Astrological Benefits of Wearing Navratna Jewelry

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Navratna Jewelry
Posted on July 5th, 2024 06:03 PM

Navratans have been around as long as humankind is. They are in-depth connected to astrology, the science or study of the divine universe. It studies the planetary moments and connects or foresees the earthly events of human life.  

Being an internal part of Vedic astrology, Navratans are highly believed to be connected with the Navgrahs, the nine astrological planets. Astrology, or Jyotish Vidhya, explains the events of our life - birth and death through universal and divine ways. 

People since ancient times have believed in the powers of the Navratnas and their benefits. 

What are Navratans? How Navratnas Work?

Navratnas are nine gemstones that are said to be the most powerful gems on Earth, as per Vedic astrology. They are sometimes also called Maharatnas. The Navgrahs rule these nine significant gems and get their energies. Because of the cosmic planet energies, these gems will bring many benefits to anyone who wears them. 

Each gem have its distinctive powers, vibrations and healing properties. They increase the quality of life of their wearer, bring them positivity and bestow their blessings upon the individual. 

Navratan jewelry combines the powers of all nine gemstones. Some of the gems are not recommended to wear together, like ruby with Blue sapphire. But. the combination of these Nine gems makes the Navratna pendant represent the universe's energies as a whole. And so, it brings the right energies and balance, providing every desired holistic benefit to the person who wears it.

Navratnas and Their Arrangement

The auspicious nine ratans or gems have to be arranged in a specific order. This holy order carries the powers of the planets positively and balances them.

The nine gems in the harmonised manner are as follows -

Ruby in the centre, then in the clockwise direction with diamond on the top, there comes pearl, red coral, hessonite, blue sapphire, cat's eye, yellow sapphire, and an emerald. 

Navratan Ruling Planets 

Navgrahs shape our lives. As per the experts, everything that we face in our lives is because of the position of these graphs or planets in our birth chart and horoscope. Their influence affects every aspect of our lives, such as personality, emotions, decisions, intellect, relationships, finances, and divine connections (spirituality).

Ruling Planet
Influence of Ruling Planet Is On 
Benefit of Wearing Gemstone
Sun - Surya Dev
The primal force of life
Confidence and vitality
Venus - Sukr
Relationship, Socialization
Love, Beauty and Relationships
Moon - Chandra Dev
Emotional Well-being
Emotional Balance and Peace
Red Coral
Mars - Mangal
Challenges of Life
Courage, Energy, Marriage Benefits
Karma, Materialistic ambitions
Versatility, Good luck, success
Blue Sapphire
Saturn (Shani)
Growth, karmic lesson and liberation
Inner Strength, Discipline
Cat’s Eye
Spirituality, Career 
Intuition and Spirituality
Yellow Sapphire 
Jupiter - Guru Grah
Opportunities, Education
Wisdom and Knowledge
Mercury (Budh Grah)
Mental ability and learning skills
(Speech Writing etc.)
Communication and Self-expression

Benefits of Wearing Navratan Jewelry


The influence of the Navgrahs can be both positive and negative. If you want to eliminate the negative energies of these planets, wearing Navratna jewellery will bring you their positivity. You will get many benefits of Navratan ring. Such as:-

Balance and Harmony - The energies of the nine planets will bring balance into your life, creating harmony. You will find yourself more in sync with yourself. Self-realization will help you be more clear on your strengths and needs. Your bodily energies will align, too, as well as their will equilibrium in your surroundings.

Physical Health - Maintaining your overall health, these stones will affect your basic organs and sense and heal you. It will strengthen your immune system, help in better digestion and provide relief from headaches, coughs and colds.

  • Rubies will increase your sexual prowess, 
  • pearls will help regulate the menstrual cycle in women, 
  • red coral will be good for your heart, 
  • yellow sapphire improves your circulation and digestion, 
  • blue sapphire enhances the metabolism,
  • hessonite acts as a detoxifier (removes toxic substances), 
  • emerald will cure any throat problems,
  • cat’s eye treats any skin-related ailments, and
  • diamond aids any urinary tract disorders.

Emotional Health - All the gems have calming and positive energies, especially diamonds and pearls. If you are too sensitive or suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attack issues, the stones will help you overcome these emotional obstacles. They will also help you sleep better, getting rid of nightmares or any discomfort you might be feeling, like stress and worries. 

Spiritual Growth - Increasing wisdom, providing inner peace and making you more spiritually enlightened, the Navratan bracelet will help you connect with the divine. Enhancing your intuitions, the gems will guide you in the right direction. Your faith and hope will cultivate positive energies that will deepen your conscious and sub-conscious towards spiritual powers.  

Personal Development - Navratna’s will also help you grow personally as a human being. It will clear your mind, increase your energy levels, instil liveliness and enhance communication skills. Your self-confidence will boost, and nervousness will be eliminated. If you overthink, the soothing vibes will reduce it, helping you be more composed and make better judgements. 

Prosperity and Success - The gems will attract fortune into your life. They will protect you from misfortunes and help you financially, completing your desire to achieve success. Yellow sapphire is specifically known to bring you fortune and professional growth, especially in business. Blue sapphire is known to bring you name and fame, removing financial obstacles.

Relationship Benefits - The stones will bring you happiness and satisfaction in your relationships. Removing conflicts or misunderstandings, the soothing energies of the gemstones will calm you and help you handle your bonds with love and trust. With emotional balance, you will find solace and comfort in your relationships. 

Indeed, if you are facing marriage conflicts, red coral will bring you marital blossom. While if you are single, ruby will attract your potential mate and emerald will enhance compassion and love. 

Who Should Wear Navratna Jewelry?

If you are facing umpteen challenges and are unable to place the reason behind them, then you are in dire need of this astrological tool. Spiritually or emotionally if you feel disturbed and need peace and relaxation, these powerful nine gems will help you. Their energies will bring you close to the divine powers, connecting you to spirituality.

Anyone can wear them as they balance out the energies of all planets and will not affect anyone negatively.

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