All You Need To Know About Wearing Purple Sapphire Gemstone

Posted on October 5th, 2021 11:55 AM

Sapphires are stunning. Be it the beautiful blue sapphire or the mesmerizing yellow sapphire, sapphires have hearts around the globe. Purple Sapphire Gemstone, also known as Violet Sapphire or Plum Sapphire, is a precious gem derived out of the Corundum mineral family. Ranging from bluish-purple to purplish-pink hue, these sapphire gems contain chromium and iron together with trace amounts of titanium. They belong to the trigonal scalenohedral crystal elegance because it crystallizes right into a trigonal crystal system. It seems like a splintery or shell-like form on the break. 

                    Renowned as ‘Khooni Neelam’, and Khooni Pukhraj, or Baingani Pukhraj in Hindi, Purple Sapphire Gemstone is amongst the most sought-after varieties of the whole wide sapphire clan. Besides the alluring beauty, this strongest form of Natural Neelam Stone (Blue Sapphire) has immense cosmic powers with it. Though nowadays, it is widely used in designer jewelry pieces such as solitaires, pendants, engagement rings, earrings, and wedding bands. Here in this article, we will get a glance at all the astrological key facts that you should know about this miraculous stone. 


The gentle velvety feel of the Purple Sapphire Gemstone, often known as Raktambar Neelam (where Rakt meaning blood and Ambar meaning sky) in Hindi, is unmatched in many aspects. Unlike blue sapphire, these Khooni Neelam stones have a hint of crimson that enhances their attractiveness. Its blood (Khoon in Hindi) like resemblance makes it called Khooni Neelam. 


Brings Peace of Mind 

Wearing of Purple Sapphire stone works wonders to calm your body & mind. Best known for its calming effect, this amazing healing stone holds remarkable smoothness. It strengthens the veins and also heals blood-related disorders to ensure the proper functioning of the glands.  Those facing unnecessary negative emotions and worries in their lifestyle should certainly wear this incredible stone to reaffirm their faith and re-establish mental balance. 

Enhance Self Confidence 

Confidence is the key to your personality. By enhancing Chakra therapies, Natural Khooni Neelma activates the Crown Chakra and assists you to regain lost confidence, overcome inferiority complex, and enhance thinking abilities. The supernatural cosmic vibes of this miraculous purple gem bless the wearer with desired self-confidence and strong decision-making skills. 

Promotes Spirituality  

Meditation is one of the many popular benefits of Purple Sapphire stone because, in its natural form, it strongly supports spiritual vibes. Regarded as the stone of awakening, Khooni Neelam supports inculcating spiritualities and positive beliefs. With extraordinary soothing properties and calming energies, this gem aids the wearer to meditate and focus well with pure practices.

Secure Professional Success 

According to Vedic astrology, this precious gem is associated with the karmic planet ‘Saturn’ aka Lord Shani, who is known to compensate the person with rewards for their doings. So those who are trying to overcome the stagnancy especially in their career and turn around the fortune in their favor should opt for wearing a real purple sapphire gemstone. It is considered beneficial for female entrepreneurs and IT professionals who are seeking success in their professional sector. 

Benefits Astrologically  

According to Vedic astrology, Purple Sapphire is associated with the karmic planet ‘Saturn’ aka Lord Shani, making it widely beneficial for the natives born under this sun sign. It aids an individual to deal with the toughest Sade Sati Dasha. However, some astrologers assign this purple stone to the planet Mars because of its pinkish or reddish tone. Besides good health and a healthier mind, this precious gem also grants professional success and a strong spiritual vision. 

However, it is significant to remember that Purple Sapphire, a powerful gem, must be worn only upon an astrologer’s suggestion. Wearing a Khooni Neelam without adequate consultation can lead to adverse effects in one’s life. 

How Can You Incorporate Purple Sapphire in Jewelry?

The Purple Sapphire is one stunning stone, sporting to which as jewelry fetch to the attraction in the simplest manner. This strikingly beautiful gem features with hypnotic violet-purple color that can be integrated into any piece of jewels including a bracelet, necklace, ring, earring, pendant, or any other jewelry. Now, if you are also thinking about who should wear it and how to wear it, we are here to assist you with our best. 

Who Should Wear Khooni Neelam Stone

According to Indian astrologers, Purple Sapphire stone is recommended for the Virgo Zodiac Sign. Owing to its association with the planet Saturn, Vedic astrology also assigns this gemstone to the zodiac sign Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh). 

            While in western countries, this sapphire stone is often seen and prescribed as the birthstone of September month. Those who are looking for spiritual awakening, professional success, prosperity, and protection against evil should adorn the striking beauty of Purple Sapphire or ‘Baingani Pukhraj’. 

How to wear a Purple Sapphire (Khooni Neelam) Gemstone 

  • Whether you are wearing a purple sapphire ring, earring, pendant, or bracelet, in all the cases, the gemstone should be touching the skin of your body when it comes to availing astrological advantages. 

  • By pairing it with platinum, silver, or gold in your desired layout not only exhibits the utmost exquisite magnificence of the stone but you also generously locate maximum astrological purple sapphire benefits in all aspects of your life. 

  • Astrologers, and even modern therapists, suggest this healing crystal to be worn in at least 1/5th weight of the wearer’s total weight for good health and working achievements.

  • In general, khooni sapphire is advised to be worn in the middle finger of the right or working hand, though it is somewhat similar to Neelam stone, but you should consult an expert astrologer regarding the right carat or Ratti weight and the perfect finger according to your horoscope specification. 

Explore the detailed Vedic procedure of wearing a blue sapphire gem in How to Wear a Neelam Stone.

Note:- Since Purple Sapphire aka Khooni Pukhraj is aligned with two malefic planets Saturn and Mars, it is extremely vital for the wearer to consult an expert astrologer regarding its suitability before wearing it. 

Buy Purple Sapphire Online

Purple sapphire is a wonderful preference for you in case you are looking for something which is one of a kind and unique. So, it is worth buy Khooni Neelam Ratna online. However, one should always prefer a real piece of this gem because only a real purple sapphire will help you grow, heal, enhance things, and extrude your existence in a better manner. Although personalized recommendations should be taken prior to use. Moreover, you can find that it comes in a mid-range category and isn't too difficult to afford. What you need is to simply invest some time in looking at different options available with different sizes, designs, and prices so you can get the perfect piece of your gem that you can be fond of. 

               Since any astrological gem allocates its best ever results only when it is natural and pure. Thus, in order to avail desired purple sapphire benefits out of your Khooni Sapphire, ensure that you make your purchase via a trusted gemstone dealer such as Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you can access a certificate of authenticity alongside every stone you purchase. Meanwhile, you get an insured worldwide shipping facility together with an easy return option. Visit the website for the widest assortment of Certified Khooni Neelam Online or connect us now at +91 9982805500 for the latest festive offers. 

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